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Oliver Hazard Day Returns!

Music, food, art and beer on Saturday, August 17 As promised the Watervillainous folk trio, Oliver Hazard, is hosting the second annual Oliver Hazard Day in the heart of their town, and the fellas have substantially upped the dosage. Downtown Waterville will be flooded for one night only with stomps and smiles fueled by an

Max Boyle’s Pop Ballads Deal With Matters Of The Heart

The youngest of six children, pop singer-songwriter Max Boyle was surrounded by music growing up in Maumee. He heard his siblings performing for much of his life. “All of them did something musically, so I wanted to be like them a little bit growing up,” Boyle says. “I always sang to myself, but I didn’t

The Duo’s Sonic Collage And Electronic Exploration

This simple statement is at the root of the collaborative work between Maumee-based composer-performer, Tim Story, and German composer-performer, Hans-Joachim Roedelius— “Achim” to his friends. On Friday, May 24 in the Toledo Museum of Art’s Little Theater, these celebrated artists will take the stage together, allowing concertgoers to share in their special artistic bond and