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Saluting a Legend: Toledo’s Tropic Bombs remember a fallen friend

  Vocalist/Drummer Ryan Wayton in Tropic Bombs’ home studio. Image courtesy of Tanner Wertz. Toledo has a rich history of local, regional, and national acts playing venues all across town like Frankie’s Inner-City, The Ottawa Tavern, Headliners, The Omni, etc. This history would not be complete without the Rock/Reggae/Funk powerhouse Tropic Bombs, who was awarded

Home for the Holidays: Crystal Bowersox returns to perform with TSO

It’s good to come home. Singer-songwriter and American Idol alum Crystal Bowersox hasn’t been able to visit northwest Ohio much recently. She dropped in this fall to (very) briefly see family, but has mostly been spending 2020 sequestered in Nashville, her current home. On December 19, Bowersox will make a big return to the Glass

Toledo According to Chris “Peapod” Daher

Chris “Peapod” Daher of the “On The Radar” Podcast and 100.7 The Zone. Image courtesy of Jake Weber. In June 2014, Chris “Peapod” Daher started “On The Radar” on radio station 100.7 The Zone to highlight Toledo’s music scene. In 2017, Peapod took the show to the podcast platform. In November, the 100th episode of

Music for Healing: Toledo’s Heavy Color scores documentary

Image courtesy of Jacob Knoblaugh Transcendent is a lofty word to apply to a piece of music, or its songwriters. But one really can’t resist the word when listening to a piece by Heavy Color— the Toledo-based avant-psychedelia/electronica duo made up of songwriters, producers and multi-instrumentalists Ben Cohen and Sam Woldenberg. Their newest release is

Live at the Hen House: Griffin Hines Farm hosts rocking band on Tuesdays

The Hen House Band rules a longtime area live music roost. The blues-rock quartet of Tony Shutters (guitar, harmonica and vocals), Rob Nollin (bass, vocals), Doug Wilhelm (guitar, vocals) and Mike Hennig (drums, vocals) performs every Tuesday from 6-9pm at Griffin Hines Farm, a legendary blues live music venue in Swanton. “We’re just there to