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Suddenly We See, With KT Tunstall

When KT Tunstall’s song “Suddenly I See” hit the public in 2005, her life changed. The popular hit won awards, and hearts, and became featured in TV shows, movies, and even became the Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign song. Sure, that was a while ago, but Tunstall has stayed busy, releasing four albums since. Not only

Jamie Baumgartner’s Introspective Glass City Flow

Turn up the volume on Toledo’s thriving hip-hop scene. Jamie Baumgartner, voted Toledo’s best hip-hop artist by City Paper readers, rocking Toledo listeners with autobiographical lyrical stylings for nearly a decade, has taken flight. Hip Hop Origins Baumgartner has been fascinated with hip-hop for as long as he can remember, with his first introduction to

Toledo Dreams in Sound: Making Toledo a musician’s paradise

An innovative studio space and collective in Downtown Toledo, invigorates the local music community. Dream Louder Music, founded by Ben Cohen, Sam Woldenberg and Lucas Madrazo, a group described by Cohen as, “Toledo natives who grew up together and played in a gazillion bands of all types.”