Saturday, December 9, 2023

“NOT an E.S.Sential Business!” claims Toledo business man

After sending a Cease and Desist demand that went unheeded, West Toledo resident Edwin S. Sential has filed suit to enforce his “copyrighted and protected” naming of his business empire. 

Sential, when reached for comment, explained the purpose of the suit, “I have worked for years to build businesses with integrity and meaning, and this world crisis situation is trying to wipe me out in no time.”


Sential, who operates a cadre of businesses, each under the moniker of “An E.S.Sential Business” howls, “Now every business is claiming they are E.S.Sential!”  Sential’s business empire includes entities that provide lawn maintenance (including light tree trimming along with gutter cleaning), a custom tailoring shop, a grocery which offers Scandanavian canned and frozen goods (with a particular focus on Swedish items) and two soft-serve frozen custard (“it’s not ice cream or frozen yogurt,” Sential explains, “it’s frozen custard.)

The suit which names the Governor as a defendant, claims that the term “An E.S.Sential Business” is protected as a Trade Name through proper filings with the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office. 

“Now, EVERYTHING is an E.S.Sential Business,” Sential said. “Restaurants, dry cleaners, all kinds of places are claiming to be protected under MY business umbrella. Heck, [Sential’s wife] Edna cooks supper for me every night and does our laundry too— she’ll tell you that restaurants and dry cleaners are NOT essential.”

A spokesman for the Governor’s office said they had not yet seen a copy of the lawsuit and declined comment. 

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