Mystery Science Theater is in The Room

. January 13, 2016.

In 2003, Tommy Wiseau, a man of unknown ethnic origin with an undetermined accent— who insists that he is American— released his romantic comedy film, The Room. Written, directed, produced by, and starring Wiseau, The Room quickly became notable for being terrible . Boasting a 35% or Rotten Tomatoes, The Room is outstandingly awful— chalk full of forced acting, an awkward script, an underlying air of creepiness, and everything else B movie fans love.

Here's Tommy…


Mysteriously bad
On Thursday, January 28, fans of everything horrible can see the hilariously awful cult classic at Franklin Park 16 and Fallen Timbers 14 theaters, as they host the screening produced by Fathom Events. Perfect for fans of comical cult classics, The Best of RiffTrax Live: The Room, features commentary from the beloved crew of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K).

For those unfamiliar with MST3K, the concept resembles what you might do on a night in with friends. The classic TV series features a panel of comedians who riff on a variety of amusing bad B movies. For Fathom’s event with The Room, RiffTrax takes on one of the most famous and beloved bad movies of all time. Often hailed as the worst movie of all timeThe Room is the perfect film to watch with humorous commentary from MST3K legends.    

A room with a view
The Room is B movie auteur Tommy Wiseau’s greatest masterpiece.

Wiseau holding the film's most popular prop— a football that nobody seems to know how to throw. 

The plot of The Room follows a dramatic and tumultuous love triangle between a group of friends who live in San Francisco. The film is known for its inconsistent and at times incomprehensible story.

More of The Room’s trademark filmmaker faux pas include flat, deadpan acting, strange dialogue choices, logical leaps, and hysterically repeated phrases (“Oh, hi Mark!”). It is often difficult to tell whether The Room is genuinely a deeply flawed film that somehow made it through production or rather an astute spoof of B movies and the filmmaking process.

Though The Room is touted as one of the worst films of all time, it has nonetheless become beloved as a cult classic and a favorite at midnight movie screenings. The film is full of hilarious non sequitur moments like the random predilection of the characters to throw around a football at strange times as well as their seeming lack of memory of certain crucial prior events. Is The Room really a terrible film or a sly spoof? That is for you to decide.

If you’re looking for a lighthearted night at the movies, the hilarious panel of MST3K will just sweeten the deal. Regardless of your interest in B movies, The Room is one of the most accessible and objectively entertaining. While many less than perfect movies can become unwatchable, The Room remains iconic and memorable. Have some laughs while immersing yourself in cult classic heaven with the kings of B movie commentary. This January 28, make room in your schedule for The Room.

7:30pm Thursday, January 28.
$10.50/child, $11.50/seniors and students, $12.50/adults. Franklin Park 16, 5001 Monroe St.
$11.50, Fallen Timbers 14, 2300 Village Drive West, Maumee.