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. August 13, 2019.

Local film geek’s YouTube page a fun ride

There are a lot of YouTube channels out there nowadays. But most of them don’t offer the geeky fun of local host David Parker, the talking head of Mr. Parka’s Weekly Reviews and Update channel and the movie reviewer of Screaming Toilet (

Once a week, the skinny guy with an estimated 10,000 DVDs and Blu-rays, reviews the latest movies and home media releases while holding contests—and the attention of nearly 7,500 subscribers. Standing in front of his massive media collection, Parker waxes critical about all genres of cinema, from cheesy slasher movies to bona fide classics like “Cool Hand Luke.” It’s simple, direct…and because of his enthusiasm, a fun viewing experience.

Shouting out from Toledo

“More than a decade ago I noticed a few people showing off their collections and reviewing some lesser known cult titles. It looked like a lot of fun so I decided to join in,” said Parker, a Toledo native who graduated with a degree in Creative Writing from Owens Community College.

Most of the movies he reviews and gives away in the various contests, he buys himself, although he gets some of them from various home media companies that he’s built relationships with over the years. He first started broadcasting in 2008, using a grainy VHS-type aesthetic that only added to the retro fun of his reviews. Since those humble beginnings, he’s expanded the channel and is the official reviewer on

Advice for those who want to start a YouTube channel

“I would recommend keeping to a schedule so people can rely on seeing you the same time every week. Keep your channel about something you love or are educated about. At first the numbers will seem fairly low, but over time it will build,” said Parker. “I don’t bring in the large numbers that several juggernaut channels bring, but I focus on a lot of films that many ignore in this time and age. “

Mr. Parka’s Weekly Reviews and Update is Parker’s most popular YouTube channel, but it’s not his only one. He also hosts a comedy channel featuring him and his friends’ goofy antics called Point Place Studios.  His channels and fun hosting personality have earned Parker a level of local celebrity and internet cult status. There’s no money in it, but he’s having fun.

“It’s important to remember you are doing this for fun and passion, not for the views.”

The Mr. Parka’s Weekly Reviews and Update channel is available for streaming at