A trusted name becomes the buyer


The concept behind the website Yarkbuyscars.com is simple, explains Billy Yark, Marketing and eCommerce Director for Yark Automotive Group, “We will pay you more for your used car than you can receive anywhere else.” Buying used cars the same day an owner contacts Yark with virtually zero hassle leads to Yark’s question to prospective sellers, “What’s your time worth?”   

At the Yark Buy Center they make you an offer on the spot, handle all of the paperwork and hand you a check the same day. After verifying the condition, the mileage, and assessing any issues with the vehicle, expect Yark to offer the best price for your car. “We prefer to set an appointment, but we always welcome ‘drive ups,” Billy Yark explains. “Our goal is to take care of people through the purchase of their vehicle even if they don’t buy from us. We want to develop a trusting relationship with a potential customer going forward.”

The global pandemic has intensified a shortage of quality used cars. Dealers often travel to auctions (most are online) and then pay auction and transportation fees for vehicles the dealership ends up buying. Sidestepping the traditional auto auction, Yark Automotive now has partnered with Kelley Blue Book, the largest and most trusted name in vehicle valuations (including Kelley’s ownership of Manheim Auto Auction and AutoTrader.com), which allows them to purchase people’s used cars right away, at the best price the seller can find, with no difficulty.  

Visit Yark’s website and answer questions about your used vehicle or drive up to the Yark Buy Center, 6007 W. Central, between Yark’s Nissan and Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Ram stores, and have a trained buyer look over your used vehicle. It’s that simple.