25 Delicious Things for $7 or Less

. February 18, 2019.
25 delicious things

*Does not include tax or gratuity. Please tip your server.

Everyone loves to splurge on sushi or go out for a fancy wine dinner once in awhile, but dining out can really add up. Here at TCP we’ve put together a short list of deliciousness you can eat and enjoy for $7 or under.*

Avocado Toast. Maddie & Bella Roasters. $4.
All Crumbs Bakery bread gets all-star treatment, loaded down with fresh avocado, chili flakes and sea salt. It’s enough goodness for a light lunch. Other selections include: The Elvis, Pesto Parmesan, Almond Butter & Apple Butter, and other seasonal additions.

Downtown, 44 South St. Clair St. 419-214-0822.
Perrysburg, 117 Louisiana Ave. 419-931-0082.

Bang Bang Tacos. Balance Grille. $5-$6.

Smoky grilled chicken gets topped with flavorful sauces, red onion, cilantro atop crunchy rice noodles. Choose from blue corn or flour. One order comes with two tacos. Other selections include: Soho Tacos, Mongo Tacos and Go Chu Tacos.

Downtown, 215 N. Summit St. 419-243-2222.
Sylvania, 5860 W. Central Ave. 419-578-7777.
Maumee, 514 The Blvd. 419-893-9999.
Perrysburg, 26520 N. Dixie Hwy. 419-874-777.

Fried Goat Cheese Salad. Fowl & Fodder. $6.
Deep-fried Turkeyfoot Creamery goat cheese tops a salad of candied pecans, strawberries and mix greens and balsamic vinaigrette. The combination of sweet and savory is unbeatable. All Fowl & Fodder salads come in two sizes, small ($6) and large ($10).

Downtown, 614 Adams St. 419-214-1588.
Sylvania, 7408 W. Central Ave. 419-690-2490.

The Original. Original Sub Shop & Deli. $7.
The submarine that started it all. All Crumbs Bakery rolls are loaded down with hard salami, bologna and smoked ham. Standard toppings include provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion and “Awesome Sauce.” All of the “Original Originals” come in 8” ($7) and 12’’ ($9) and include: Mediterranean Veggie, Chickpea Curry Salad, and the Italian.

Downtown, 402 Broadway St. 419-243-4857.

Mano’s Gyro. Mano’s Greek Restaurant. $6.95.
The Toledo Famous speciality starts with slices of spicy beef gyro meat, feta cheese, lettuce tomato, onion and creamy tzatziki yogurt sauce, all piled high in a soft pita. Other sandwiches include: Chicken Pita and the Manos’ Burger both $6.95.

Downtown, 1701 Adams St. 419-244-4479.

Spicy California Roll. Kyoto Ka. $4.95.
Sushi can fit any budget and this signature roll proves it. Crab, creamy avocado and fresh cucumber are rolled up with sushi rice and a seaweed wrapper, topped with spicy mayo.

Downtown, 300 Madison Ave. 419-321-4000.
Sylvania, 6801 W. Central Ave. 419-841-2070.

House Special Bread. Tandoor Indian Clay Oven. $3.95.
Naan bread is stuffed with homemade cheese, chicken, roasted cauliflower and garlic and topped with cilantro and baked in the clay oven. Try the raita yogurt dip on the side ($2.95).

Southgate Toledo, 2247 S. Reynolds Rd. 419-385-7467.

Tom Kha Soup. Bangkok Kitchen. $3.75.
The classic Thai soup is a little sweet and salty. A base of coconut and vegetable stock is flavored with lime leaves, lemon grass, galanga and cilantro and it served with mushrooms and your choice of chicken or tofu. Try it mild, medium, hot or Thai hot.

Maumee, 582 W. Dussel Dr. 419-897-7777.

Goi Cuon Spring Rolls. Pho Vietnam. $4.
Each order comes with two large rolls filled with tiger shrimp, mung beans, lettuce and rice noodles wrapped in rice paper and comes with a sweet and spicy peanut dipping sauce.

W. Toledo, 3636 Upton Ave. 419-720-2952.

Grilled Turkey Melt. The Cinnamon Stick Bakery and Cafe. $6.
A lunch classic is served up at The Cinnamon Stick. American, Swiss, grilled onions, turkey and 100 Island are grilled on white, served hot off the griddle. In face, everything on their menu is $7 & under, excluding their homemade pies.

Sylvania, 3535 N. Holland Sylvania Rd. 419-843-9127.

Frozen Miami Vice Daiquiri. Durty Bird. $6.50.
Prepare to be transported seaside with this frozen cocktail. Rum is blended with pina colada strawberries and ice for a tropical taste sensation.

Downtown, 2 South St. Clair St. 419-243-2473.

Inky’s Garlic Bread. Inky’s Italian. $4.50.
Inky’s Italian serves up classics like ravioli and pizza, but their cheesy garlic bread, served with tomato sauce comes in well under budget.

N. Toledo, 3945 N. Detroit Ave. 419-476-0500.

Mac n Cheese. Josephine’s Kitchen. $3.
Nothing satisfies like creamy cheese sauce and macaroni and Josephine’s makes some of the best in town. All of Josephine’s Kitchen sides are $3 and include Candied Yams, Black Eye Peas, Fried Okra and more.

Toledo, 902 Lagrange St. 419-242-6666.

Jerk Chicken Lunch. Caribbean Breeze Lounge. $6.99.
This popular nightclub has an awesome menu. Dry roasted chicken seasoned with Jerk spices and simmered is served up with flavorful rice and a small salad.

W. Toledo, 1830 W. Bancroft St. 419-472-2512.

Beef Shawarma Sandwich. Sidon Lebanese Grille. $4.99
Marinated beef is served on pita and topped with tahini sauce, pickles, tomatoes, onion and parsley. Another recommended option are the Manakeesh pita pizzas, topped with cheeses and spices, all under $3.99.

W. Toledo, 4625 W. Bancroft St. 419-558-3900.

Tempeh Tacos. Adams St. Cafe. $7.
Tempeh, a vegan option gets grilled and served with snow peas, pico de gallo, corn and house salsa served on corn tortillas. Fermented soy takes really good trust us.

Downtown, 608 Adams St. 419-214-1819.

Garlic Mussels. Real Seafood. $5.95.
Even at a high-end restaurant there’s something on the menu under $7! This happy hour special is available in the Real Seafood Lounge. Happy Hours run Friday & Saturday, 4-6:30pm. And Sunday – Thursday, 4pm-9pm.

The Docks Toledo, 22 Main St. 419-697-4400. realseafoodtoledo.com

Neapolitan Cheese Pizza. Zia’s. $6.
During Happy Hour at Zia’s, pizza is half off the menu price, with each topping an additional .95. Even the luxurious Margherita, and Costolette Brasate pies come in under budget. Happy Hours throughout the week. Monday-Thursday, 5-9pm. Friday, 5-6:30pm. Saturday, 4-6:30pm. Sundays, 4-9pm.

The Docks Toledo, 20 Main St. 888-456-3463.

Ciao’s Cannoli. Ciao! $5.95.
Ciao! knows what is up when it comes to their cannoli. A crisp pastry shell is stuffed with creamy, cool ricotta and pastry cream and toasted pistachios. Pair it with their seasonal selection of gelati ($4.95).

Sylvania, 6064 Monroe St. 419-882-2334.

Minestrone Vegetali. La Scola Italian. $4.50.
Nothing is better than a bowl of soup. La Scola’s Minestrone combines a flavorful tomato broth with fresh veggies, beans and pasta. Delicioso!

S. Toledo, 5375 Airport Hwy. 419-381-2100.

Dip Sampler. Loma Linda’s. $6.99.
Why pick just one when you can have it all! The sampler includes the Mexican dip classics guacamole, con queso w/ bontana, and spinach con queso served with Loma Linda’s awesome tortilla chips.

Swanton, 10400 Airport Hwy. 419-865-5455.

French Bread Za. Homeslice Pizza. $3.50.
Focaccia is topped with five cheeses, garlic butter and classic pizza sauce and baked to perfection. Add any topping for .25.

Downtown, 28 South St. Clair St. 419-724-7437.

Simply Great Bread Pudding. Shorty’s Roadhouse. $7.
Shorty’s signature dessert is dressed to impress. The American classic is topped with bourbon caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. OMG.

W. Toledo, 5111 Monroe St. 419-841-9505.

Wedge Salad. Benchmark. $6.
Lunch or dinner, Benchmark’s classic wedge salad hits the spot. Crisp iceberg is crowned with avocado, shallots, bacon, tomato and creamy blue cheese. The Caesar and House options all fall under budget.

Perrysburg, 6130 Levis Commons Blvd. 419-873-6590.

French Onion Soup. the Beirut. $2.25.
Beirut has an extensive menu, everything is so good. Be sure to try their French Onion soup next time you visit, it’s amazing. The flavorful broth is adorned with broiled cheese, croutons and lots of soft, caramelized onions.

Toledo, 4082 Monroe St. 419-473-0885.