Heavy Color brings installation and performance to the TMA’s Glass Pavilion

. November 3, 2015.
Heavy Color brings installation and performance to the TMA’s Glass Pavilion

Local masters of future beat and psychedelic jazz, Heavy Color, will let their unique sound permeate a similarly unique space— The Toledo Museum of Art’s GlasSalon, located in the Glass Pavilion, on Thursday, November 5.

A night of its own

Heavy Color’s growing fan base is familiar with the duo’s flexibility during shows, which often incorporates sonic additions from other musicians and synched projections by visual artists. The imaginative band will soon leave you completely starry-eyed during their biggest, most lucidly-dreamy night ever, when they turn the experiential component up a notch with 360-degree stimuli in the pavilion’s clear glass space.

“The circular space allows for the room and immersive environment we need, that isn't possible with smaller spaces,” said Cohen. The band’s textural sounds will be enlivened by heavily pigmented lighting, animations by YAAW (Young Artists At Work) artist Will Laasch, and other visuals that will tease the senses.

“During the performance, the music will interact with the visual,” said Cohen. “The space has a lot of seating area, and we’ll have four giant projector screens that were built by Anthony McCarty from The FARM (formerly Bozarts), which will be set up in a big circle. So people can view from seats, but we’ll also have a lot of spaces set up for people to bring yoga mats, lay down, and check out the show from many angles.”

Heavy texture

Heavy Color has made a name for themselves regionally by way of their textural, heavily percussive sound. Comprised of Benjamin Cohen and Sam Woldenberg, the duo is known for their sonic collages, that dip into a wide range of influences, creating their psychedelic, electronic pop.

In May 2015, Heavy Color crossed through the Democratic Republic of Congo to work with musicians on an upcoming collaborative record, which helped the duo fully enact the African percussion that have influenced both of their tonal styles.

During the two-set performance, local musicians Drew Parent, Michael Swain, and Tyler Stephen Fowler will accompany Heavy Color for select tunes.  Horn instruments, marimba, clarinet, electronics, percussion, Fender Rhodes and drum kits will all come together to create their lavishly textured sound.

While originally dubbed as a “record release party”, the event is more suited as a record conception party. The night’s first set will feature a set of music composed specifically for the evening, which will be recorded for a forthcoming live release with the possibility of video documentation.

“The first composition is made just for this night and will be represented by drawings made possible by the space provided,” said Cohen. “The second set is a traditional Heavy Color set, in line with past music.”

Get ready for a truly tripped out experience of a blissful, visceral, souled out, psych performance that will be spatially and temporally specific.  Bring yoga mats to stare at the ceiling.

Watch the glass light up from 6:30-8:30pm |Thursday, November 5. Toledo Museum of Art GlasSalon, 2445 Monroe St |419-255-8000 | heavycolorheavycolor.com | Free