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Yusuf Lateef and James Dickerson share space

Local artists Yusuf Lateef and James Dickerson, aka dirtykics, have collaborated on a one-of-a-kind exhibition now at Maumee Valley Country Day School. Lateef, cofounder of Radiant City Arts, a for-profit collective that emphasizes arts education, is a visual arts instructor at the Toledo School for the Arts. Dickerson is a street photographer whose recent themes

The Blair Museum of Lithophanes looks for new home

Since 1993, the world’s largest collection of lithophanes (19th-century translucent porcelain plaques) has been housed in Toledo at The Blair Museum of Lithophanes. One of the city’s unique attractions, the Museum moved to the campus of the Toledo Botanical Gardens in 2002, where it has attracted locals and international visitors for the last 18 years.