Urban Pine Winery & Eatery Debuts New Name, Menu

The beloved Urban Pine Winery is expanding its services and altering its name with the debut of its new menu: Urban Pine Winery & Eatery.

The updated menu is the brainchild of new Head Chef Erin McCartt, who took inspiration from her previous culinary experience as well as the specialty wines created by Owner Jen McAlear.


The attention at Urban Pine has been mostly on the wine, with McAlear sharing Urban Pine produces more than 50 wines and hard ciders in house. But McAlear explains that over the past year, they’ve worked closely with McCartt to create a refocus on the food along with the rebranding of the name reflecting that.

Beet salad, Urban mac and cheese, roasted potatoes, mixed vegetables, honey crusted salmon and more are a part of the new menu item choices, as well as a new selection of burgers with a wine and cheese butter burger McCartt boasts. For dessert, McCartt is most excited about

“Being here, matching the foods to the atmosphere and to the wine, I think I saw Jen’s vision from the beginning,” McCartt said.

McCartt was a customer of Urban Pine before she took the head chef position, so she had the context of the business going into the job. She saw the need for a more comprehensive and well-rounded menu, and wanted to bring that desire to her position.

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Urban Pine also prides itself on using as many local ingredients as possible. McCartt says the Mississippi Pot Roast sandwich is her personal favorite, as well as the pretzels and cider cheese which is developed from a beer cheese that she morphed into a house made cider cheese.

McCartt mentions how because her former experience includes cooking other people’s recipes, she is proud to have the autonomy to create the dishes herself and decide what works best for the business.

“It really takes two masterminds: one on the wine side and one on the food side,” McAlear said. “There’s no place in Toledo that does what we do.”

Urban Pine Winery. 3415 Briarfield Blvd. 567-703-1281. urbanpinewinery.com.

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