Monday, April 15, 2024

Women in Business 2024: Jen McAlear of Urban Pine Winery

Owner, Winemaker, Sommelier

3415 Briarfield Blvd.


Urban Pine Winery is the culmination of Owner Jen McAlear’s dream to make wines from grapes grown in the best regions in the world and the magic of experiencing food and wine together in a beautiful setting. Each wine is produced and bottled in the Maumee facility. The goal is to provide a space where customers can relax, enjoy life and create memories with family, friends and business associates. Owner McAlear discusses her hidden talent, work routine and prioritizing family.

Morning: Wake up when my kids wake up. Make breakfast, take a shower, get the kids ready for school.

Work: Every day is different. Make the wine, handle administrative tasks, fit in wherever is needed. Leadership with team, advertising and marketing decisions, delegating tasks.

Evening: Head home, make dinner for my kids. Play games and spend time with them. Work on my woodworking projects.

“First, find out what you were made to do. Then second, have the faith to take that leap. Be the kindest, most awesome person you can be in that role.”

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