The Original Gino’s Pizza has the goods

The Original Gino’s Pizza flat out calls itself “the best pizza in town.” Bold words, but for those who have experienced a pie from one of this local companies’ six locations, you know they walk the walk. Open since 1955, Original Gino’s quickly had a fan in former UPS Manager Chuck Kreutz, who so loved Gino’s pies that he ultimately purchased the business from owner Steve Sparks in 1986. Since then, Kreutz’s whole world has been pizza. “The type of pizza I eat on a given day depends on my mood, but I eat pizza every day.”
By staying true to his concept of great pizza, and that classic sauce recipe, Kreutz has built a dynasty from dough. “We get calls all the time from people out of town who want to open franchises, so that’s probably what we’re going to do next,” he says.

 The Pizza

When it comes to specialty options, the Cheeseburger Pizza is a winner. Not traditionally a pizza you might consider, this concoction slays in flavor and concept. From the saltiness of the dill pickles, to the flavoring of the ground beef and onions, every slice comes together to make you feel like you’re eating a great burger, built horizontally. We also tried the Buffalo Chicken Pizza, the Cheesy Garlic Bacon and the Deluxe, varying the crusts for a well-rounded(!) experience. It was a good sign when our server dropped off our Cheesy Garlic Bacon on a thin-and-crispy crust and declared it her favorite pizza on her favorite crust. She was not wrong, but if you order the thick crust— you’re still gonna be in pizza heaven. Like Kreutz says, it all depends on what you’re in the mood for.

What really sets Original Gino’s above and beyond though, are the toppings. If you’re an artistic sort, you’ll want to develop your own pie. While pepperoni is still most popular according to Kreutz, there are toppings for days here. You want mandarin oranges on your pizza? No problem. How about shrimp or albacore tuna, or roast or corned beef? Maybe you’re a sauerkraut kind of person? Again, no problem. You can make some really adventurous pizzas here with the fresh ingredients. Will they taste good when combined? Well, that’s on you.


… And more!

Not a pizza lover? Don’t worry, Original Gino’s offers a wide assortment of sandwiches (including veggie), pasta, chili, wings, cheese sticks and more, so you have no excuse for going hungry here. We recommend the chili mac, but if you’ve got a family that needs feeding, dive into the lasagna.

When it comes to beer, your options get a little trickier. Beer and pizza go together like, well, beer and anything, so you’ll want to plan accordingly. All of the restaurants except the Woodville location sell six-packs of brews when you’re taking your ‘za to go, but only the Alexis Rd. location has draft beer in the restaurant. 5307 Monroe St. and the Maumee location sell beer by the bottle, so you can still wet your whistle onsite, but the 3981 Monroe St. location and the Woodville location do not sell beer for drinking in the restaurant. If you want a brew while you chew, plan your location accordingly.

Finally, always be sure to check the website for coupons because they always have some excellent deals going. Any place that is willing to help you with a deal definitely heads to the top of the dinner options list.

Of course, if you like good food in Toledo, Original Gino’s should already be up there.

Original Gino’s has six locations.
3981 Monroe St., 419-472-3567.
26597 N. Dixie Hwy., Perrysburg.
1280 W. Alexis Rd., 419-269-4466.
2670 Woodville Rd., Northwood.
449 W. Dussel Dr., Maumee.
5307 Monroe St., 419-843-3567.

Hours differ by location. Get more info or place an online order at