Rick’s City Diner Now Open For Dinner and Drinks

Rick’s City Diner has expanded its menus to include both dinner items as well as alcoholic drinks. This also includes a new season-based drinks menu.

The diner has best been known for their breakfast and lunch items which have also seen some new additions like a new omelet. This goes to add on with some of their more popular items like bacon, pancakes, sandwiches, burgers, salads and soups.

Some of the new dinner items include meatloaf, shepherds pie, mac and cheese and mashed potatoes with gravy. These items are available at the extended time of 4 pm to 8 pm along with the normal times of 7 am to 2 pm.

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The diner’s new drinks include a local beer, strawberry margarita, Bloody Marys, and mimosas along with a daily rotation of beer and wine specials.

The diner also offers takeout options for their food and drinks. Rick’s is also capable of handling up to a party of 25 people for special occasions like birthdays or to even go out for a meal as a team.

The diner has been serving food for almost 40 years and the addition of dinner and 21 plus drinks is meant to add to the experience for the regulars to the diner and bring in some more new faces.

For more information go to rickscitydinertoledo.com.

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