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It’s In The Can – Tin Can Toledo

The location in the ground floor of the renovated Berdan Building beckons one out of the cold and into the warm confines of one of downtown Toledo’s newest watering holes, Tin Can Toledo. The place was scarcely populated when we arrived around 6:30pm on a January Friday, but things quickly changed as groups assembled at the tables, around the bar, and by the beer pong tables (seriously).

A spacious room with overhead garage doors, The Can will welcome Mud Hen fans from Fifth Third Field, diagonally across the intersection of Washington and Huron, in warmer months. Boasting a bevy of beverages, many of the namesake canned variety, the Tin Can’s beer list was impressive with a selection of craft offerings along with old standbys (including Old Style) and a few throwbacks (really, when was the last time you had a Colt 45?).

The garage aesthetic is honestly earned, as a similar space abutting the bar on the other side of a wall, provides parking for the residents of renovated living spaces in The Berdan apartments above. Our group made drink selections, selected a feverish playlist from the eclectic jukebox selections, and then moved on to the menu.


Pub grub vs. bar food

The offerings from the kitchen were comforting in their familiarity. Starters included fried pickles ($5.99), the seemingly omnipresent-in-similar-venue wings ($6.99) and a basket of chips, salsa and guacamole ($6.49). We moved on to the pizzas, thin crust with the usual array of available toppings, which were perhaps a little doughy to qualify as truly thin, but then it is January, and thin is something that we all seem to aspire to at this time of year. We sampled the house special, Cee Bee Arr, a quesadilla with chicken, cheddar cheese, bacon and a side of ranch ($5.99) which was stuffed and easily shared. One of our group, a chili cheese dog lover, ordered the dogs (one dog for $3.49 or make it two for $4.99. Why not? We did.) and had them cut in two by the kitchen for easy sharing. A solid choice, the bunned wonders disappeared quickly and were deemed “legit” by those in our group who claimed to be in the know.


There’s always room for… pudding

We considered looking elsewhere in the Warehouse District for dessert but instead opted for another round (why not try a Blatz, while we are out?) along with a selection of “pudding shots” ($2.50) in flavors of Oreo, butterscotch, birthday cake (yes, birthday cake) and Reese’s cups. The results of the pudding/libations brought mixed reviews with some in our group who claimed they could pass and others who had a second.

We were surrounded by tables filled with happy, some boisterous, patrons who were eating, socializing, throwing darts at Tin Can’s three boards, and generally having a good time. Tin Can Toledo is the first Ohio location in a small chain that includes three bars in and around Lansing and one in Grand Rapids, Michigan. While the food is more than adequate, this is more a bar with food than a restaurant with a bar, but nonetheless, a great addition to the vibe of Toledo’s downtown renaissance. If you don’t get there before spring, you’ll know the Tin Can once they say “Play Ball” across the street.

3pm-2am, Monday-Friday
4pm-2am, Saturday. 6pm-2am, Sunday
Corner of N. Huron St. and Washington St.
419-472-1785 |

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