Sunday, April 14, 2024

Having a Crisis? Have an Existential Crisis Cake

Existential Crisis Cakes is a Toledo based baker who gives her patrons a way to make light of problems going on in their lives. These cakes take many forms, ranging from being colorful and comedic to downright blunt.

The cakes are gluten free and are custom made to order. To order an existential crisis cake for yourself you can go to the Existential Crisis Cakes’ Instagram and direct message to create your order.

Existential Crisis Cakes are currently booking orders for March and April. Existential Crisis Cakes is also on TikTok with more videos showing off the cakes that have been made and some parts of the process that goes into creating them.

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The cakes that you can have created can implement many different forms. Whether you want your “despair” to be expressed through images, frosting writing and many thematic decorations based upon some of the other designs.

On the social media accounts for Existential Crisis Cakes they showcase many parts of the process that goes into creating the cakes as well as the finished product of many of the cakes.

For more information or to order your own Existential Crisis Cake go to

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