Wedding Dinners Fit For Foodies

. January 14, 2020.

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Once upon a time, “wedding food” was a pejorative description. But in 2020, foodie culture has never been bigger, and that growing culinary passion has received its own wedding invitation.

At The McIntyre in Monroe, MI, the “big day” is getting the big flavors it deserves with the guidance of local culinary icon Chef Rob Campbell, who made a name for himself as executive chef at Revolution Grille, Dolce Vita, Bluewater Grille and Ciao! Ristorante, to name a few.

Chef Campbell took over as The McIntyre’s Executive Chef in January 2019, and, over the past year, he has proven how much catering can be elevated when informed by 30 years of fine dining restaurant expertise. Chef Campbell satisfies desires for contemporary cuisine and locally-sourced foods and creative, custom menus that don’t feel generic or overdone.

“We’re bringing restaurant-quality food to a wedding environment,” explains Campbell. “But, unlike a restaurant, I know exactly what and who I am cooking for. I love creating menus and being able to tailor each meal to the guests. It’s a lot of fun to have that flexibility.”

For bridal showers, private wine tastings or weddings, The McIntyre team works with guests to capture their unique tastes and vision. While some may have a specific menu or dish in mind and others might be less specific, the Chef loves the collaborative process, and his ability to add his own spin.

“People want real food and a unique experience, and I take a lot of pride in what I prepare for our guests,” he says. “At The McIntyre, we are able to accommodate their vision and desires, while also keeping it fun and fresh. That’s everything I love about being a chef.”

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