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Top Docs 2021

Advice and observations from Toledo’s best

What are some of the biggest mistakes doctors see their patients make? What are the risks of patients using the internet to self-diagnose? What should patients do as the pandemic enters its second year? We asked some of the area’s best physicians for their thoughts. Their advice confirms the doctor truly knows best.

Jennifer Ludwig DDS, MS
HLS Orthodontics
6407 Monroe St., Sylvania

What’s one health-related question that everyone should ask themselves?
Are you getting quality sleep?

Fact about my practice:
All consultations are free. It doesn’t cost to learn what orthodontics can do.

Biggest myth about my specialty:
You can be ‘too old’ for braces. Everyone should expect to keep their teeth for a lifetime. We can improve their alignment and function at any age.

What inspired you to follow your career path?
My orthodontist in junior high.

Why did you pick your specialty?
I have the ability to create smiles.

How do you keep informed in the medical field?
Constant continuing education and webinars.

If I wasn’t a medical professional, I would be:
A sports analyst.

What are the most important qualities people should look for in a medical professional?
That they listen to your goals and needs.

My pet peeve is:
People who do not recycle.

The cause that I am most passionate about is:
Access to quality dental care for everyone.

What’s the best life lesson that you learned last year?
Don’t fret over the things you cannot control. Control your reactions. Plan the things you can, get good sleep, nutrition, hydration and get outside as much as possible.
Best way to feel better immediately: SMILE!

Three words of wisdom: Brush, Floss, Smile

Dr. Nick Goin, CACCP
Innate Health Chiropractic
26580 N. Dixie Hwy., #101, Perrysburg

What well-meaning mistakes are people making in terms of their healthcare? People often mistake their health by how they feel rather than how their body is functioning. If someone has no outward symptoms, most people think they are healthy. Science actually shows that disease can build no matter how the person feels, which is why it is always important to test. That is why at our office we test the system which controls the entire body’s regulation, the nervous system.

What sets your practice apart? At Innate Health Chiropractic our doctors specialize in prenatal, pediatric and family care. Whether your spine is 90 minutes old or 90 years old, the principles of your spine and nervous system are the same, which is why we are so passionate about starting children on their best path to health. Currently, Dr. Nick is the only certified pediatric chiropractor in Perrysburg and the surrounding areas.

Are there any trends that concern you as it pertains to your field of expertise in healthcare? One of the most significant trends that we see today is the amount of screen time that children are receiving. Not only is the amount of stimulation to their brain significantly unhealthy, but the poor posture that results is equally as bad. Neurologically, research suggests that the amount of screen stimulus can have a negative impact on literacy skills in children as well as cognitive assessments. Not only that, but structurally, poor posture over time can lead to earlier stages of spinal degeneration.

What is one thing that you want patients to know as the pandemic enters its second year? One thing I would want to encourage for everyone is to start transitioning your mindset. The conversation of this pandemic has been one of avoidance. But my challenge to people is to not ask yourself what can we avoid to prevent being sick, but instead, what can we add or do in order to be healthier. We all know the healthier we are, the better we can withstand getting sick. Some really easy things to start adding would be getting 10-15 minutes of exercise several days a week, getting a minimum of 7 hours of rest per night, eating more leafy greens and vegetables and finding 3 things to be grateful for each day.

Name one of your not-so-healthy guilty pleasures: One of my not-so-healthy guilty pleasures is pizza. Even as a young kid that has always been my go to food. Now as an adult working and living in the world of health, I wanted to find a healthier option to my favorite food. My wife and I will now make homemade pizza with a cauliflower crust, grass-fed cheese and a lot of veggies. Let me tell you, that will rival any other traditional pizza and it doesn’t have to come with the guilt afterwards.

Dr. Jon Frankel
Jon Frankel Dentistry
5012 Talmadge Rd. #100

What is an incorrect but commonly held belief that you encounter? People often assume that if a tooth does not hurt there is no disease. Nothing could be further from the truth. An infected tooth may show no pain.

What is the top oversight that your patients make? That a regularly scheduled dental visit is “just a cleaning”. It is an essential preventive visit. The appointment includes an oral cancer screening, decay and gum disease detection, and an overview of total health. On occasion we refer patients to their primary care physicians. Lives have been prolonged and even saved due to a 6-month dental checkup.

What are the most important self-care routines related to your field of practice? Brush, floss and visit the dentist regularly.

What fact about your practice would people be interested to know? Since 1946 Frankel Dentistry has served the community through dentistry with an ‘always better’ approach. I wish my Dad were still here to see how we are following his lead by offering patients the best dental experience.

What sets your practice apart? Frankel Dentistry has several unique qualities. We have the best doctors, healthcare providers, staff and patients. It can be felt from the moment you walk in the office. You hear laughter and see smiles (or smiling eyes above the mask.) We are accessible. There are two locations, evening and Saturday hours, and our doctors give patients their personal cell phone numbers.

Jessica Wilson-Sabb, MD
Modern Chic Salon and Spa
6910 Airport Hwy., Holland
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What are the most important self-care routines related to your field of practice? A good skin care regimen can make a huge impact on keeping our skin looking young and healthy. And you are never too young or too old to start a good reimen. Washing your face every night to remove the daily build up and then applying a good retinol product. Then every day apply sunscreen to your face, even in this not-so-sunny Ohio/Michigan area.

What sets your practice apart? At Revive Wellness we strive to help people feel better as a whole individual. We offer several different treatments to achieve that goal. For those that feel sluggish, tired, weak or who are experiencing low libido (to name a few symptoms) we offer Bioidentical Hormone Replacement (BHRT). BHRT helps boost our hormones back to more youthful levels. We offer a medical managed weight loss program for those struggling to lose unwanted pounds. For those wanting to look younger, we offer many aesthetic services. Some treatments we offer are dermal fillers, neuromodulators (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin), microneedling, PRP for hair restoration and laser skin treatment. At Revive, we know that aging is inevitable, but you don’t have to feel or look older.

Are there trends that concern you as it pertains to your field of expertise in healthcare? There are many aesthetic products and procedures that people can buy on eBay or Craigslist etc. that may be cheaper, but they are not approved products. They are not the same products we use at Revive Wellness, but rather are “fake” or “knock offs” and these products are just not safe. They are not regulated and you have no idea who made them, where they came from or what is actually in these products. So you have no idea what this person is putting into your face. If products are not regulated or used properly, they can cause very serious complications and side effects. Cheaper does not always mean better. So clients should find a medical provider trained and certified to use these products.

What inspired you to pick your specialty? Honestly, it started off as selfish reasons. As I started noticing changes from aging, I began looking for ways to help myself stay more youthful. First, I noticed outward physical changes when I would look in the mirror. My skin texture and tone had changed and I was developing fine lines and wrinkles. So I started getting some minor aesthetic procedures (facials and neuromodulators). Then there were the changes I started feeling. I began feeling tired, less energetic, having trouble sleeping, to name a few. So someone told me about hormone therapy. I started on BHRT and noticed an almost immediate improvement. Between the aesthetic procedures and the hormone therapy I felt and looked better than I had in years. It’s a cycle, the better you feel, the better you look, and the better you look the better you feel, and so on. That led me into wanting others to feel the same way I was feeling. Again, aging is inevitable, but there is a lot we can do to keep us looking and feeling young as long as possible. So I decided to change career paths and open up Revive Wellness with two other women with the same goal.

Five words you live by: Family, Change, Friends, Coffee, Fate.

Dr. Christopher Perry
Toledo Clinic ENT Sinus Center
5800 Park Center Court, Suite C.
419-724-8368. &

As it pertains to your field of practice, what self-care routines are most important to prevent health problems? Don’t smoke, eat right and get enough sleep.

Area of practice you’re excited about: The management of snoring and sleep apnea. A good night’s rest is so important.

What sets your practice apart from others? My staff and I treat patients as we would like to be treated

What do you think the future holds for your practice? What medical advancement are you most excited about? Ear, nose and throat specialty is exciting because new minimally invasive treatments are always being developed.

What inspired you to become a physician, and how did you pick your specialty? My mother had polio as a child which left half her face paralyzed which required reconstructive surgery. I wanted to become a facial plastic surgeon to help others like my mother.

How do you define success? Success means making someone’s life better than it was yesterday.

What brings you genuine joy? Hearing a patient say, “Thank you Dr. Perry for making me look and feel better.”

What is the best self-improvement tip you’ve ever heard? Be grateful for your blessings.

Something most people don’t know about me is: I was born on a leap year. I also played college and semi-pro baseball before medical school.

Myth to debunk: The longstanding belief that nasal and sinus surgery involves packing and pain. Often, it involves neither.

What self-improvement tip do you wish you learned sooner? Countdown 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…go…do what you have to do.

What’s one thing that always makes you feel better? Spending time with my wife and kids. .

Five words you live by: Love, forgive, live, smile, pray.

Name a not-so-healthy guilty pleasure that you indulge in on occasion: Bourbon.  Also Reese’s peanut butter cups.

My best advice for starting a new health or wellness routine is: Determine your “why.”

Time to unwind: would you rather be left alone, or taken to a party? Something Yogi Berra would say, I’m an introverted extrovert

My favorite fitness routine is: Going to Orange theory Fitness.

One thing I’ll never regret is: Becoming a doctor, because I am privileged to help my patients breathe, sleep, smell, taste and hear better.

Pet peeve: People who don’t take responsibility for their actions.

Lawrence M. Baibak, MD FACS
A. Thomas Dalagiannis, MD FACS
C. Jeff Kesler MD FACS
Arrowhead Plastic Surgeons
1360 Arrowhead Rd., Maumee

What is an incorrect but commonly-held belief that you encounter?Dalagiannis: That all those that call themselves cosmetic surgeons or perform cosmetic surgery are plastic surgeons. Plastic surgeons undergo very intense surgical training and have to take a rigorous examination process in order to become a board certified plastic surgeon. Anyone can call themselves a cosmetic surgeon but only those that have undergone this training and passed the rigorous examinations can call themselves plastic surgeons.

What are the most important self-care routines related to your field of practice? Baibak: Protect your skin with SPF 30 – 50 sunscreens when outside.  Reapply every 2 hours.  There are no sun screens that last all day.

Dalagiannis: Avoid sun exposure, refrain from smoking and engage in a non-sedentary lifestyle.

What sets your practice apart?

Kesler: Without a question, our unparalleled patient care.  We take great pride in our team approach of individualized treatment to every patient.

Baibak: We truly care for and about our patients. We want them to be and feel better.  I treat my patients like family.

Dalagiannis: Not only is our practice the oldest plastic surgery practice in the midwest but it is also one of the busiest and most respected practices. We strive to always put our patients and their welfare first.

What are your thoughts on patients using the internet to self-diagnose?

Kesler: The internet is a powerful tool that can educate patients and guide them in asking appropriate questions of their surgeon.

Baibak: It can also be very dangerous. There is much wrong information out there.

Are there any trends that concern you as it pertains to your field of expertise in healthcare?

Kesler: There is a growing trend of “freelancing” in cosmetic surgery by people with limited training.  The unfortunate results are starting to surface, frequently with poor patient outcomes.

What inspired you to pick your specialty?

Kesler: My rotation in medical school in plastic surgery.  Dr. John Kelleher and Dr. Michael Yanik inspired my career and are my forever mentors.

Five words you live by:

Dalagiannis: Love, Respect, God, Laugh, Family

Kesler: Kindness, Tenacious, Loyal, Dependable and Humble.

Something most people don’t know about me is:

Dalagiannis: I was born in Greece then lived in Africa for 10 years prior to coming to the United States.

Kesler: I am an instrument rated private pilot with over 1200 hours as “pilot in command” in high performance airplanes.

Name one of your not-so-healthy guilty pleasures:

Baibak: My favorite food is pizza with lots of cheese.

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