Toledo School for the Arts fundraiser sees major changes due to COVID

. July 17, 2020.
art notes - undisclosed

Area art connoisseurs are pleased to find out that the Toledo School for the Arts’ Undisclosed event will still be held this year, with a few changes.

The annual event features TSA’s Martin D. Porter Gallery filled with the creations of area artists, with all attendees able to take a piece home with them, determined by a raffle drawing. This year’s event is a hybrid of the traditional event and an online experience, as anyone who purchased the $100 ticket is invited on July 20 and 23 to see all the participating pieces and draw their raffle number in advance. 

On August 6, the attendees will return to the gallery to select their works, depending on the order of their raffle numbers. 

Anyone uncomfortable with visiting TSA in person has the option of viewing the works online and having their raffle number chosen by proxy. 

Ticket buyers will also be given the chance to record a message to the artist of their selected painting at the event. Tickets cost $100 and are available at or by calling Bethany Urbanski Fry at 419-246-8732, ext. 256.