Toledo City Podcast: Talking Shop with the Art Supply Depo’s Jules Webster and Stephen Owczarzak

. March 21, 2019.
Toledo City Podcast

In this week’s episode, host Al Jacobs talks with Art Supply Depo owner Jules Webster and in-store resident art guru Stephen Owczarzak about art, making beautiful works of art, color theory and what exactly makes a quality pencil a quality art-making instrument. Jules and Stephen also shout out a bunch of local artists doing interesting work.
A few time-stamped highlights: 
~ 5:40 – Why German and Japanese Art Supplies Kick Ass
~ 7:00 – Do Better Art Supplies Help Someone Make Better Art?
~ 8:00 – Effectively Delivering Pigment to a Surface
~ 11:50 – What Makes a Beautiful Piece of Art Beautiful
~ 14:20 – How Jules started the Art Supply Depo
~ 21:00 – Bob Ross as an Access Point to Creativity
~ 23:15 – What Color Theory Is
~ 24:15 – Hue, Tint, Tone & Shade
~ 28:45 – Major Pigment Advents throughout History
~ 31:45 – Local Artists Jules and Stephen Recommend Following
Today’s podcast music is “Gameshow Brazz” by John Bartmann from the Free Music Archive, CCO License. 
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