November 6, 2019 – Marketplace Changes

. November 5, 2019.

The Leaf and Seed Cafe, a popular food truck offering plant-based comfort food, will open its first brick and mortar in The Davis Building, at 151 N. Michigan St. (formerly Pam’s Corner), in coming weeks.

The Nutrition Spot Downtown has opened at 215 N. Summit St. #C, in the arcade next to Balance Pan-Asian Grille, offering energizing teas and meal replacement smoothies. 7am-2pm, Monday-Friday. 419-410-8096.

Stoney Ridge Winery, at 7144 County Road 16 in Bryan, Ohio, has recently finished construction on a second bar room, The Slap Happy Hideout, with specialty cocktails in addition to wines, hard cider and local craft beers. Visit Facebook page “Stoney Ridge Winery” or for details.

Rossford is home to new comic book shop, The Nexus 419, at 690 Dixie Hwy., near Glenwood Rd. and Rossford High School, selling comic books, graphic novels, toys, board games, anime, and more. Owner Kyle Northrop previously owned the now-closed Seann’s Anime and Comics. 11am-5pm, Sunday-Monday. 10am-7pm, Tuesday-Saturday. 419-720-9544.

The Selene Center has opened at 5658 Main St. in downtown Sylvania, next to Chandler Cafe. The feminist-led organization confronts domestic violence and emotional abuse and provides encouragement and support for abuse victims. 419-540-1942.