Masthead—August 1, 2018: How do you stay inspired?

Below is a list of our staff, members of “the media,” a group that our President has deemed to be “among the most dishonest people on earth.”

How do you stay inspired?

Publisher/Editor in Chief Collette Jacobs: Napping.

Co-publisher/Chief Financial Officer Mark I. Jacobs: I hang out with Keith, Mick and the boys.

Editorial Assignment Editor Athena Cocoves: Laughter, conflict, and conflicted laughter.

Editorial Assistant Courtney Probert: Reading poetry and looking at cute dog photos.

Calendar Editor Sarah Emily: Making music with my talented friends.

Digital Media Manager Deanna Woods: As soon as I get home, I watch videos of precious kittens doing stuff.

Interns: Ryleigh Wann, Jayce Rubel, Lauryn Haas, and Luke Sasscer.
Contributing Writers: Samuel Adams, Stephen J. Athanas, Jon Ruggiero, Israa Eddeb, Matthew Johns, Jason Webber, Erin Holden, Sarah Emily, Johnny Hildo, Christine Senack and Rob Brezsny.

Art/Production Production Manager Imani Lateef: Listening to audiobooks and podcasts.

Senior Designer Leah Foley: Travel.


Anita Tipton: Travel to a warm sunny beach and put my toes in the sand and water.

Kelli Miller: Getting out of town, going to concerts.

Norwin Lopez: Old school Mark Gonzales videos.


Sales Coordinator Jenny Leach: My Mom.

Sales Assistant Eddie Knight: Gym, tan, laundry.

Account Executives

Amy Ressler Rough: My boys, knowing my best years are to come.

Bonnie Hunter: Reading and friends.

Kathleen Dewar: Reading and listening to Joyce Meyer books.


Brittany Stahl: My husband Jay, family and prayer.

Katie Emans: Finding time to stop and smell the roses.


Accountant Robin Armstrong: My family and friends inspire me.

Distributor Tracy D. Kimble: Family, friends, and a positive attitude.