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Letters to the Editor – March 2021

Cut Wade a Break
Dear Johnny Hildo,

I am one of your fans, one of many I’m quite sure. Your articles are well-written and echo my sentiments almost all the time.

Although a “Water-villian’ at the moment, I am a life-long Toledoan, my father grew up on Avondale & Hawley, a house where my great-grandfather raised his 12 children. He purchased  that house in 1895 at age 25. This is not to say I am unique or have any more claims on Toledo than someone who arrived yesterday, only that I have love and concern for the City as it is a part of me, and I of it.

I have to take exception with your accusation of Wade Kapszukiewicz’s ‘looting’ the rainy day fund. As you state “It is intended as a cushion for a sudden, unexpected budget shortfall, to allow the City to meet its financial obligations in case of unforeseen emergency.”

The pandemic has negatively impacted the City’s finances in almost every aspect. Can it rain any harder? I don’t think so. Cut Wade a break.

Concern over the possibility of the bond rating slipping is akin to a former president’s argument that wearing a face mask in “not a good look.”

Keep up the good work.

Diane Durbin, Waterville

Offensive…and ill-informed
      Could someone help Johnny Hildo learn that “retirees,” or other people older than him, generally have years or decades of learning, experience and perspective that he clearly lacks.   Younger doesn’t necessarily mean better.  And younger people’s ideas are often ideas that the “retirees” have already seen come and go, and/or crash and burn. 

He was quite adamant, writing against older council members, advocating for more youth and inexperience, and his column came off as just offensive…and ill-informed.

Kathleen Schaus
Via email

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