Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Goth Night Before Christmas at The Michigan Museum of Horror

“Unleash your inner freak” at the Goth Night Before Christmas. 

Horror fans invited to a bewitched night at The Michigan Museum of Horror to celebrate the upcoming Christmas holiday. 

From 9pm to 2am on Saturday, Dec. 23 the Goth Night Before Christmas will be haunting the night away. Tickets available online for purchase for $20.

The event is for adults 18 and over only.

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The night of haunts will feature music, food, drinks and more. 

Dress in your best gothic fashion. There will be a Best Dressed Goth of the Night prize given. The top goth outfit will receive a $100 cash prize. 

Free alcoholic drinks will be given out to attendees over 21. There will also be free pizza.

The Michigan Museum of Horror is curated for horror connoisseurs. The museum features many oddities, including real human skulls, ouija boards, coffins and more frightful pieces. 

According to their website, they have skulls dating back to the early 1800’s, to the modern era. Some of the skulls can be held. 

The museum also features an especially gory exhibit, The Red Room. 

The Red Room is rated 18 and over. Featuring extremely graphic real images, “ranging from celebrity deaths, serial killer victims, crime scene photos from the late 1800’s, and more.” Enter at your own discretion. 

For more information or to buy tickets for The Michigan Museum of Horror’s Goth Night Before Christmas, visit https://www.natethompsonvideo.com/event-details/goth-night-before-christmas

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