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Andrei Rabodzeenko’s Projections: interaction portrait project

Projections of identity by Eleanor A. Hutton and Athena Cocoves

The process of change sometimes says more about who you are than how you describe yourself. Discover the importance of change during artist Andrei Rabodzeenko’s current exhibit Projections: interaction portrait project, presented at River House Arts and curated by the gallery at Contemporary Art Toledo.

Rabodzeenko explores the many ways people broadcast their identity into the world— and how the world often pushes other ideas onto us. Through life-size, cut-out sculptures and paintings, see the narratives that form when our identities shift.

Bold colors in finished forms

Striking and unmistakable, Andrei Rabodzeenko’s larger-than-life figures are eye catching and brightly colored.

Born in Kyrgyzstan and now living in Chicago, the international artist’s work exhibits a careful and playful reimagining of archetypes rewritten in his own language. The faces of all the wood figures are expressive. To subvert the rigid material of wood, Rabadzeenko establishes movement in his work. On each cutout, notice small strokes of paint and funky, pop-out elements: decorative lilies, a giant ginkgo leaf, a camera swung over a shoulder. Ornamental accents also pop-up throughout the room.

Subdued stories in subtle figures

On the upper part of the wall hangs several large rectangular vinyl banners displaying warm-colored bodies, painted nude, disguised, faceless silhouettes, and stunning juxtaposition of bold design and soft, leisurely nudes occupying the upper gallery space. These banners put a twist on a muted conversation as angelic resources dance above the large, bold bodies scattered on the gallery floor.

Changing identities

“Our identities are an amalgam of ever-shifting and overlapping projections,” explains Rabodzeenko. “We create projections of ourselves, our alter egos, and launch them into the world. At the same time, the world projects its interpretations of us onto us.”

This relationship between yourself, the world and your identity is the basis of Projection

Through January 7, 2017.
River House Arts | 425 Jefferson Ave. | 419-441-4025.
Gallery hours are by appointment. Stop by the exhibit during the next 3rd Thursday Art Loop on Thursday, December 15 from 6-9pm.

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