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Katie’s Randy Cat delivers New CD “Irish Reply” to O’Shea’s

Since forming in 2013, Toledo-area band Katie’s Randy Cat has delivered a traditional Irish sound with fast-paced, punk flair. But as they celebrate the release of their new CD “Irish Reply,” the founding members are letting the world know that they’ve expanded beyond their roots.

“We’ve gone in a lot of different directions,” said lead singer Steve Steel, who also serves as Toledo City Council President. “Basically, our first year’s worth of shows were Irish folk songs done in a punk style. We didn’t have any original songs; it was all Irish folk songs. Then, over the last couple of years, we started to write original music. But on this album— 11 song are original, and two are punk takes on folk music.”

Sweet release

“Irish Reply” will be commemorated with a release party on December 16 at O’Shea’s Irish Pub on Sylvania Ave. Not just a celebration of the new album, the release party is the next step for a band which has come a long way since it first came together.

“We’ve kind of evolved as we’ve had a Spinal Tap amount of members— Steve and I are the only original people,” bass player Jon Zenz said, referring to Steel. “New people kind of bring in different takes on things, and it gets tiring playing other people’s songs. It’s time to write your own.”

St. Patricks Day origins

The genesis of Katie’s Randy Cat came, naturally enough, on St. Patrick’s Day in 2013, as Steel got a last-minute call asking if he would be interested in playing a gig that day.

“And I thought, you know, I know enough musicians, and I know a lot of Irish songs. I’m sure I could put together an Irish punk ensemble for St. Patrick’s Day,” Steel said. “And we barely practiced, and it didn’t really come off very well.”

“It was terrible,” Zenz, who did the sound that night, said with a laugh. “It offended me so much that I thought, ‘If you want to do this and take it seriously, get a hold of me.’”

The pair decided to gather a group together to really dedicate themselves to the music. Katie’s Randy Cat has changed its sound evolved beyond Irish punk roots, a development that the founding members have embraced.

It’s gonna be rowdy

“Irish Reply” branches out into original material after several releases of Irish folk covers. “Slowly, but surely, Steve introduced us to new songs— probably, like, three at a time over the last year or so,” Zenz said. “And at one point, it hit us that, well, we have 12 original songs now. And then, ‘Well, next week we’re going to be in the studio recording!’

Steel and Zenz said they were both looking forward to rocking O’Shea’s on Friday, December 16, in honor of not only “Irish Reply,” but also perhaps a new era for their three-year-long labor of musical love.

“It’s going to be rowdy. O’Shea’s is probably one of my favorite places to play with this band. Just a dive bar where people are really into it. It’s going to be fun,” Zenz said.

Irish Reply CD Release Party
9pm-1am | Friday December 16
O’Shae’s Irish Pub 1851 W. Sylvania Ave. | 419-725-2337.

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