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2018 Toledo GQ—Life & Style

Designer Yves Saint Laurent once famously declared, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” We couldn’t agree more. While fashion bends to trends, style reflects the whole person. Oscar Wilde embellished the thought, writing in The Importance of Being Earnest: “In matters of great importance, style, not sincerity is the vital thing.” If you want to honestly know a person, get a sense of their lifestyle.

Style Sense with Jordan Carter

Whitney Houston sang “ I believe the children are our future…” and Waite High School Senior, Jordan Carter is certainly “leading the way” as the young woman, already her own boss, manages her growing modeling portfolio.

Style Sense with Keith Cook

“Kool Keith” Cook, a local comedian who looks like a magazine cover model, commands attention before he hits the stage. His fashion look is put together as if he has a personal stylist traveling with him.

Style Sense with Sara “City” Lopez

It is poetic to be inspired to create a fashion genre that celebrates the nooks and crannies of a woman. Sara “City” Lopez, a Toledo spoken word artist/poet, who now lives in Mexico, incorporates her personal style into the clothing line, Curvas, for curvy ladies. What was the “aha moment” that birthed your passion for