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Michelle “Vod” Atkinson: Pedal Pusher

Riding a bike doesn’t mean ending up face-first on a mound of grass covered in sweat. Take ‘er easy and learn from yarn and bike enthusiast, Michelle “Vod” Atikinson. Not only can you find her at most community rides, you also can’t miss her— she’ll be dressed in colorful, vintage clothing, Vod’s outfits are often

Style Sense: Daryl Layson’s Hardly Basic Basics

Daryl Layson Age: 22 Occupation: Corporate Marketing/HR I imagine Daryl’s closest to have the same properties as a magician’s hat. While I doubt rabbits and white doves live inside, it’s hard to believe that his seemingly-limitless sartorial options can fit inside a standard-sized wardrobe when he has such a diverse sense of style and large

Style Sense: Dakota Cousino’s Affirmative Answer on Yoga Pants

For the caffeine conscious, Dakota’s calming presence is a pleasing juxtaposition to the jolts of java she serves up when running Bleak House Coffee— but letting her warm smile glow from behind the counter isn’t the only time she offers Toledoans tranquility. In between pulls of high-voltage shots of espresso, Dakota finds balance in the

Style sense with Lucas County Auditor Anita Lopez

Anita Lopez Occupation: Lucas County Auditor When it comes to professional attire, many in the workforce play it safe with conventional clothing. Then there are those who forego standards and pick the pieces that fit them— not the norm. Anita Lopez, Lucas County Auditor, admits she doesn’t care about fitting in. She would rather make a statement by