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Milestones: A Tribute to Toledo Women

The YWCA marks their 24th year of honoring Toledo women, publicly recognizing those in the community
“who have demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities and contributed to the empowerment of women.”

Meet Us in the Middle

“Midstory is an ecological term for a canopy of trees,” explains Midstory Cofounder Logan Sander. “There’s the upper story, the lower story, and the midstory. The midstory has to exist in order for the upper story to flourish and for the lower story to be protected.”


We have long been warned that, if we do not learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. Knowing our roots, understanding the past, teaches how history makes us who we are. History is a story that is always being written— it is as much a part of today as it is a part

Submitted: Your Love Stories…

143, shorthand for the one, four and three letter words, “I love you,” inspired us to solicit reader submissions to tell us their love stories. From heartache to heartbreak, to finding your one true love, stories of romance seem to end one of two ways— “happily ever after…” or “f*ck that liar!!!” Teacher’s pet Room

Making the Cut

Contemporary barbering relies on dextrous electric clipper control and a knack for shading fades. The best barbers can carve designs into the side of someone’s head with measured strokes akin to maneuvering a motorized paintbrush.