WEDDING GUIDE WINTER 2021: Behind the Veil!

Keith & Caitlin Wernert of Elmore at Schedel Arboretum & Gardens. PHOTO CREDIT: Adore Photography

Here comes the bride! But how did she get here? What is the story behind her happiest moments, and the photos that captured them? In this edition of our regular Wedding Guide some Toledo brides give us the tale of their wedding day photos— touching, silly, genuine and a part of a day that will stay with them the rest of their lives.

Caitlin & Jason BylicaCaitlin and Jason Bylica, Sylvania

Married on September 12, 2020
Collingwood Art Center

This moment was one of our favorites from our wedding day! Noah (Green Eye Photography) asked us if we’d be up for laying down for a photo and we GLADLY agreed! This photo allowed us the opportunity to not only take a much needed break from the commotion of our special day, but it also allowed us a moment to just take in the simple joy of our new union in marriage. This photo reminds me and my husband that for just one day we could escape all the chaos and be somewhat normal, free from the world around us and just be in love.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Green Eye Photography

first look with Dad_smallEmily & Matt Emahiser, Waterville

Married on October 16, 2020
Nazareth Hall

“This image of the first look with my dad is especially meaningful to me. He had a life-saving double lung transplant in 2009 and was given a second chance at life. He always told me that his dream was to see me walk down the aisle, but we were never certain he would make it to see that moment. About a week before my wedding, I talked to our photographer, Jason, about the potential of a father/daughter first look and he made it happen! The moment was so special to me and tears were definitely shed. I went through so many emotions in this short amount of time; I felt nervous, excited, grateful, and so much more. I feel blessed to have had that emotional moment captured forever.”

IMG_0899“This photo in front of Nazareth Hall was also fun to capture. It was the last image we shot after the sparkler send-off. The energy was high and everything felt surreal, so Jason called us over and had one of my sisters crouching behind us with a portable flash unit. I remember Matt and I had a lot of fun with the moment, doing dramatic dips and being goofy. At the same time, it also felt like a perfectly romantic fairy tale ending to the night. Jason really succeeded at capturing emotion and happiness in his photos.”

PHOTO CREDIT: ToledoPhotoGuy

Sunset pictureAbigail & Nicholas Keil, Delta

Married on October 24, 2020
The Venues Toledo

“Aside from a chaotic year, we were still able to share this amazing moment in our lives with those who mean the most to us. With the entire day being focused around us, it was great to sneak away for an intimate and romantic moment to watch the sunset on the most perfect day.”

PHOTO CREDIT: ToledoPhotoGuy

Taryn Kocian - Shannon Lutman Photography - Toledo Club5Taryn & Phillip Kocian, Oregon

Married on June 22, 2019
The Toledo Club

I think my favorite part of these photos is the building itself. I had never been to The Toledo Club, so seeing such a beautiful building and then getting to have my own wedding there was just amazing. It was a perfect and beautiful day. We could have taken photos all day because the setting was just perfect.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Shannon Lutman Photography 

Christina&Adam-8359Adam Borgman & Christina Noens, Toledo

Married on July 25, 2020
Adam’s aunt & uncle’s property in Ottawa Lake, MI

“My wife and I had to completely overhaul our July wedding when COVID hit. We went from indoors to outdoors and cut our guest list from around 300 people to just our family and closest of friends— all in a matter of weeks. We were obviously elated on our wedding day, but I chose this photo because it captures a glimpse of the joy everyone felt being able to cut loose and enjoy the (safely distanced) company of friends and family. For all of the stress and effort we put in, it felt great to see people enjoying themselves! The picture is of one of my groomsmen (left, Joe Corey) and my sister’s boyfriend, (right, Charlie Mack).” 

PHOTO CREDIT:  Jenna Greenwalt Photography


IMG_1068 PFIFFERCorey and Lindsie Pfeiffer-Weitenhagen, Toledo

Married on September 5, 2020
Sundance Kid Drive-In

“My husband and I got married this past September, and, like many couples, we had to make adjustments due to the pandemic. We got married at the Sundance Kid Drive-In movie theater! It was perfect. The guest list was small, and it being an outdoor venue allowed for social distancing and LOTS of air movement; it was so windy my veil blew out of my hair! My dad is the president of the local Lucky Aces Car Club, and, instead of walking me down the aisle, he drove me in his 1956 Buick Special. I walked down the aisle to the Jurassic Park theme song, and we walked out to the Indiana Jones theme song. I also was able to wear my grandmother’s wedding dress from their wedding in 1950. I made my husband’s vest and pants myself, as well as all the floral arrangements, including my husband’s boutonniere which was made from pieces of his mother’s wedding veil. It was such a special day full of love, history and family.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Kurt Nielsen Photography

Wedding Photo 1Natalie & Collin Prueter, Findlay

Married on November 5, 2020
Oak Openings Metropark Lodge

With Coronavirus cases rising and everything going on in the world, we had to change just about everything about our original plan. My husband and I have really found joy in Toledo’s Metroparks over the years, so when we decided we were going to go ahead with an intimate family wedding of only 30 people, we looked around for a venue at the parks. Oak Openings Metropark Lodge was the most BEAUTIFUL venue, and honestly everything we could’ve imagined for our big day! Afterward, we went out for pictures in some of the wooded areas, and got some incredibly fun photos in the surrounding woods that were straight out of a fairytale!!”

PHOTO CREDIT: Country Roads Photography

image0 (4)Jordan and Brendon Schwiebert, Toledo

Married on June 26, 2020
Charming backyard wedding

“We were planning to get married in Traverse City, MI on June 26, but, due to restrictions, we were unable to go through with that plan. We also thought we might have to postpone our wedding to a later date. Because of the uncertainty of what the future would bring, we decided to have an intimate ceremony in the backyard of our home in Toledo instead. The only people in attendance were our immediate families and our puppy! It was the most special day!”

PHOTO CREDIT: Nicole Limon Photography

Solheims - Photos by Joey Zaciewski2Stephanie & Byron Solheim, Holland

Married on July 28, 2016
Backyard carnival-themed wedding, complete with an actual sloth

“We were so excited to find out we were pregnant in March of 2016, but that meant I was going to be pregnant for our wedding, and I wanted NOTHING to do with planning it. I just wanted to get married and be done. My then-fiancé-now-husband Byron said, ‘I got this. I’ll plan it all. It’s a surprise. You just focus on making that baby.’

“The entire wedding theme and everything was a surprise to me up until the day I put on my dress and walked out the door. He handled everything from A to Z. I picked out everything I wanted to, like my dress and the guest list, but the rest was up to him. It took a lot of stress off of me, and it was honestly such a fantastic surprise to walk out our back door and see over 100 of our friends and family enjoying the biggest carnival/pool party.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Joey Zaciewski

IMG_0326Patrick and Janelle Sullivan, Toledo

Married on April 21, 2018
Alongside Maumee River, Downtown Toledo

“This picture is special to us because our wedding day was so busy, and it was nice to have this brief moment together without worrying about everything else going on around us. It felt really natural and not like we had to pose a certain way. It is a wonderful memory of our special day!”

PHOTO CREDIT: ToledoPhotoGuy

8-7-16 Tabarez Wedding-lX37Q324441695Carole & Brent Tabarez, Maumee

Married on August 7, 2016
Maumee Bay Brewing Company

My husband didn’t originally want a big wedding, so I made a deal that we would keep it to a minimum of people (which didn’t happen), and the ceremony would be short-but-sweet. The ceremony was performed by my cousin who has done everything in my family— he has always been there for us. My mom walked me down the aisle because my uncle called to tell me he couldn’t make it. My dad had been gone seven years at this point. 

“At the reception we wanted everyone to just have fun and they all surely did. For our first dance, we danced to a song from the ending of the movie Book of Life, which involved a long debate until we watched the movie! My husband did a mother-son dance which was amazing for him. Since my dad obviously could not be present, we did a mother-daughter dance. I had my half sister and sister join us for a dance and it was so amazing to have that memory.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Kent and Stephanie Keck

Keith + Caitlin Wedding VendorsKeith & Caitlin Wernert, Elmore

Married on August 1, 2020
Schedel Arboretum & Gardens

The beauty of the gardens showcases the love we have for one another.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Adore Photography