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WEDDING GUIDE WINTER 2021: Sauder Village

If there’s anything 2020 taught us about wedding planning, it’s that you have to embrace the unexpected. Many couples have had to grapple with drastically limiting their guest counts and plans in order to stay safe during the pandemic, often resulting in the kinds of creativity that make for an even more charming wedding than they’d previously planned. It’s with this spirit that the historic Sauder Village in Archbold approaches their site as a wedding venue. The options for outdoor weddings and receptions coupled with a new 1920s era main street create an off-the-beaten path choice for your big day while working within whatever restrictions your planning has to take into account in the New Year.

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Founders Hall
If you’re hoping to have an indoor wedding or reception, Founders Hall at Sauder Village can accommodate 1,000 people theater style, or 650 people for a banquet set-up. Particularly for couples who are beginning their wedding planning for 2022 and have a large guest list, this space would be ideal.

“It features a chandelier from our own blacksmith, which is just beautiful,” added Jeanette Smith, Director of Sales and Marketing. “It is a really stunning hall, and people decorate it how they want it for their weddings, but others say that it is beautiful as is.”

Outdoor weddings on the Village green
For couples who would prefer an outdoor ceremony, the Village offers a lovely green space just inside the historic village. It’s surrounded by old timey buildings, lending an old-world ambiance that adds effortless style to your wedding backdrop. Couples can opt to have their ceremony in this outdoor space and a reception at Founders to experience the best of both worlds. 

Heritage Inn Garden & St. Mark’s Church
Smaller wedding parties will also appreciate the lovely outdoor courtyard outside the Inn— Heritage Inn Garden— or St. Mark’s Church. The latter is a part of the historic village that is ideal for up to 30 guests.

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1920s Main Street
The newest addition to Sauder Village is possibly the most captivating option for weddings. Whether you opt for a ceremony that utilizes the quaint band stand outdoors, or if you’d like to get married in the theater, your names displayed on the marquee, with an adjacent speakeasy bar, a wedding in this area will be one your guests won’t soon forget. Who wouldn’t appreciate a prohibition-themed reception complete with 1920s cocktails?

Other perks
One of the best things about getting married at Sauder Village is that it has every space you need for the whole event, from a rehearsal dinner at The Barn Restaurant, to places for you and your guests to stay at Heritage Inn. All catering is taken care of by the incredible chefs and bakers at Sauder Village, giving you a vast array of choices for your menu.

“I think it’s a unique venue that people may not always know about,” said Smith. “We’ve had people even from Chicago that have had their wedding here because it’s a halfway point for some places and it’s located off the turnpike. It’s also such a big venue with the hotel and having the banquet facilities and the restaurant— everything is right here on site.”

To receive further information for a wedding at Sauder Village, call 1-800-590-9755, or email [email protected]

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