Sunday, December 3, 2023

Reduce, Reuse, Wrap! KT/LCB offering recyclable wrapping paper

We all love to open presents, but we may not think about the tons of wrapping paper that goes to waste because it cannot be recycled. This year, Keep Toledo/Lucas County Beautiful (KT/LCB) is offering its own recyclable wrapping paper for the holiday season.

Sold through the KT/LCB website at, the paper is available at $6 a roll, or $5 if customers buy two or more.

The majority of wrapping paper is either too thin to be reused, or comes with additives that make it unrecyclable. All proceeds from the sake of the product will benefit KT/LCB.

KT/LCB is looking to partner with area businesses to sell the wrapping paper on a consignment basis. Any interested parties can visit

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