My Slice of the 419: Title It & Top It Contest with Gino’s Pizza

. May 15, 2019.

Are you as original as Gino’s? Compete by designing a pizza that reflects your slice of the 419!

Official Rules

  1. No changes can by made to the Original Gino’s crust or sauce recipes
  2. Can name the pizza anything, does not have to be a “localized name”
  3. You list the toppings & create the “name” of your pizza
  4. No age limit
  5. Can enter multiple times/multiple pizzas

1st Place Winner – Gets a 4-pack of Cedar Point tickets, winning pizza recognition on the menu, free pizza once a month for 1 year, My slice of the 419 “Original Gino’s” t-shirt

2nd Place Winner – Gets a 2-pack of Cedar Point tickets, free pizza once a month for 6 months, Original Gino’s t-shirt

3rd Place Winner – Gets a 2-pack of Cedar Point tickets, free pizza once a month for 3 months, Original Gino’s t-shirt

Please review the rules and provide your email to enter!

  • Elaina Wilson

    This entry form does not let you enter more than one pizza. Every time I re-enter my email address for a new entry it states that my entry was already received.

    • Digital Media

      Hi Elaina,

      Sorry you’re experiencing this. First, try refreshing the page and then entering. If that doesn’t work, close the browser, then re-open a new browser and come back to this page. The settings for the contest are set for an unlimited amount of entries, so it should work after you refresh. If you continue to have any more issue, please let me know.