Local podcasters bring weirdness and laughs

. February 25, 2020.
(L to R) Zack Green, Andrew Clark, Zak Ward
(L to R) Zack Green, Andrew Clark, Zak Ward

Local podcasters Simple Blasphemy are making waves with their saucy topics and sometimes crude humor. Their assortment of provocative and diverse guests range from local legends in the making to national newsmakers. We caught up with them to talk about their show and the upcoming 100th episode. We were not disappointed.

How did you decide to start a podcast? How often do you put out new episodes and how do you decide what to talk about?
“The Simple Blasphemy Podcast came about by the three of us, Andy Clark, Zack Green and me (Zak Ward), telling stories and trying to make each other laugh throughout the workday. I (Ward) said we should do a podcast and just talk, like we do here at work. We were having so much fun cracking each other up, we wanted to share the laughs with our friends and peers outside of work.”

What started as video shenanigans on YouTube has slowly grown and gathered a following for the group of friends. They recently upgraded the show to a live video format. Fans can join the fun on Tuesday evenings at 9 pm on Facebook Live and are welcome to add their own thoughts and comments to the program


Beer from the faucets?

The original format of the show started with the three hosts commenting and making jokes about outrageous articles found on the internet. Everything ranging from perverse, odd and extraordinary was fair game, Including an article about beer pouring from people’s home faucets.

“Anything is on the table and it is all for a laugh. We have also started implementing new games to keep things fun and different, ” Ward explained.

“We have a great friend of the show, Amanda, who joins us for the first episode of each month. Those episodes tend to be a little more colorful, but she is a great girl with a good heart and she’s not afraid to say what she is thinking. We appreciate her humor and her openness. We have fans who tune in for her every month and she has also inspired a strong female following.”

The guest list for Simple Blasphemy is strong as well. Ranging from local to national talents, you never know who you may hear when tuning in. When we asked about their most memorable guests, the list was varied.

“Sorceress Bebe is one of our most memorable guests. She offered a lot of insight into human nature and relationships and even our female audience liked her interview. In Episode 55, we interviewed Eric Stuart, a voice actor from Pokemon. As the three hosts are also musicians, we have also interviewed a handful of other musicians including Todd Evans (GWAR), Boris Pelekh (Gogol Bordello) and, one of my favorite guests, Steve Schiff who co-wrote the classic “Don’t you forget about me”. Our interview with Andy Patalan of Sponge is also a highlight for us. He has a cool charity project he’s working on with St. Jude’s and to be able to help get the word out about it felt great!”

What is the most exciting or satisfying aspect of hosting a podcast?
“Three close friends that have busy lives get together every week to have a laugh and, further, to make others laugh!”

In addition to the hosts Zak Ward, Zack Green and Andy Clark, a small team makes Simple Blashmephy a success. Tanner Wertz works as marketing and outreach director. Danielle Barrett produces and Florida Josch is always on the search for headlines and newsworthy stories.

The Bonds of Friendship

What is an appropriate audience for the show?
“While most of our audience is not easily offended, we do delve into NSFW (Not safe for work) topics. Don’t play us in the morning carpool but when you’re free of sensitive ears, we guarantee you will feel like you’re hanging out with old friends. Whether it’s Andy’s brilliant one liners or one of Zack’s fragmented rants, we will definitely get you laughing. ”

Stay Tuned for the Unexpected

Any special plans for your 100th episode?
“Episode 100 lands on April 7th. Let’s just say it will be our April Fools edition. We’re ironing out details but there will be a surprise, guaranteed. We are always interested to host new guests with a specialty in music, art, comedy, science or really anything out of the ordinary. We would love to do a live show in 2020 for our local Toledo fans to come out and enjoy an evening with us as we record an episode. ”