Laffs, Inc. partners with Sidelines Eatery for grub and giggles

. August 5, 2015.

Toledo’s top comedy club just got a new facelift, and is inviting you to join them and see what’s new. Laffs, Inc. is celebrating its new kitchen and showroom remodel with special events all month, including a headlining act who helped open the comedy club last year.

Laffs, Inc. has partnered with local eatery Sidelines Sports Eatery and Pub to offer some of their best-known dishes in their newly-renovated kitchen. Dave Strouse, operations manager for Laffs, said that “Sidelines is dedicated to serving great food in a family-friendly environment, and we respect their desire to put out a good product”. To help ensure that desire, the remodelled Sidelines Kitchen is filled with brand-new appliances.

The kitchen also opens opportunities for interesting new food items. Strouse explained that Laffs will eventually begin offering special, one-night-only dishes that break away from Sideline’s usual fare. But the kitchen isn’t the only new aspect of the remodelling.

To accommodate the food that will come out of the kitchen, the tables have been replaced with bigger ones. There’s also new lighting for the stage, a projection screen that acts as the stage backdrop, a new handicapable access bathroom, and posters showing off the biggest acts that have passed through Laffs, like The Amazing Johnathan, Steve-O, and Michael Winslow.

Funny Name, Serious Comedy

This past weekend, comedian Costaki Economopoulos reopened the club with headlining sets Friday and Saturday, similar to how he originally helped open the club a year ago. Later in the month the venue will host shows from Mike Armstrong and Todd Yohn & The Time Fliers. September's guests include Larry Reeb, Tom Arnold, and Jo Koy.  

The venue also hopes to continue events during the week it had hosted in the past. The last show Laffs ran before the remodeling was their monthly Open Mic competition. For anyone willing to get on stage, the open mic gives them the opportunity to tell jokes in front of a large room. Then the audience votes on the funniest competitor, and the winners get cash prizes, like Mark Philipp, last month's winner who came away from the competition $350 richer.

Another Competition is set to happen this Thursday, August 7th, and on the first Thursday of every month. Live music shows and monthly improv shows from local troupe Gross Domestic Product are also looking likely to return as monthly Laffs, Inc. events.

At Laffs, there's something for any kind of comedy fan in the upcoming months. Guests new and old will find something to love at the newly-remodelled Laffs, Inc.

Open Mic Competition at 8:00 on Thursday, August 6th and the first Thursday of every month. $5.
Laffs, Inc. 3922 Secor Rd. 419-214-0700.