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Falling Slowly for Once

The two lead characters meet on the streets of Dublin. The audience never learns their names. The script refers to them merely as “Guy” and “Girl.” They have defining traits— he’s a musician nursing heartbreak, she’s an immigrant from the Czech Republic— yet they could be any of us. They are wounded people, bonding through

Tavern Funnies

New comedy night by locals, for locals premiers at The Ottawa Tavern For fans of stand-up comedy, Northwest Ohio affords few opportunities to take in performances aside from weekend shows at Levis Commons’ Funny Bone and a smattering of open mics in downtown Toledo. But for hopeful performers and fans alike, a new open mic

Steel Magnolias

Delivering a dose of Southern charm If you’ve seen either the play or film version of Steel Magnolias, you can probably quote it. The quippy dialogue and unforgettable characters are brought to life by actors who can capture the six women’s larger-than-life personalities. And now, with her 23 years of experience on the Toledo area

Building “Fences”

Fences tells the tale of a retired Negro League baseball player named Troy Maxson whose career was sabotaged by being unable to play in the major leagues.