Fitness fun in the 419

. February 13, 2019.

Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, or just be able to walk up a flight of stairs without wheezing (no judgment, we’ve been there) the Toledo area offers plenty of places to get you on track and keep you motivated. This list of 10 fitness classes and centers will help you accomplish your goals, while ensuring you have fun in the process.

Group Workouts

If you need a competitive or group atmosphere to be held accountable, these places might be for you. Upbeat class atmospheres keep attendees coming back for more.

1. Orangetheory Fitness
Ever get to the gym and feel directionless, as if you don’t know where to start? That’s not an option at Orangetheory where coaches guide each class to keep you motivated and focused on meeting your goals. One of the unique features offered by Orangetheory is OTbeat technology which measures your heart rate and performance data as you exercise. Schedule consultation for prices.

Orangetheory Fitness, 3504 Secor Rd. | 419-586-1054
3190 Chappel Dr., Perrysburg | 419-469-6911

2. Mind Over Core
Offering a mix of classes, Mind Over Core proves living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to become boring. Avoid redundancy by mixing it up everyday with cardio drumming, rope training, tabata and more. But getting healthy isn’t all exercise, so Mind Over Core stresses the importance of a healthy diet, also offering a nutrition club where members share their wellness and health goals while enjoying teas and nutritious smoothies.

$7/class, $30/monthly unlimited, $80/three-month unlimited.
Mind Over Core, 842 S. Wheeling St., Oregon | 419-972-0015

Circuit Training

If you find yourself daydreaming during your workout or with lots of energy to burn after a day sitting at the office circuit training might be for you. Circuit training mixes cardio and strength training through several exercises with minimal rest in between. Why spend hours in a gym when you can get an intense workout in 30 minutes?

3. LBs. Circuit Training
LBs. keeps it fresh with several classes to choose from, including from low-impact, strength-circuit, turbo kick and even family circuits. Get the family involved and start those healthy habits early with kids and family circuits.

$5/single class | $15/week unlimited | $40/month unlimited
LBs Circuit Training, 2715 Central Ave.
419-279-5921 |

4. Red Line Circuit Training
We know life gets busy, but even if you’ve only got 30 free minutes you can still get an intense workout at Red Line. Each 30 minute classes includes three sets of full body circuit training designed to target all muscle groups, no skipping leg day here! Red line also ensures each class incorporates different exercises, to keep your body guessing, for optimal results.

$10/drop-in class, $70/unlimited month, $50/month unlimited with six month contract.
Red Line Circuit Training, 305 Morris St. | 419-262-1552


Workout trends come and go, but yoga is (almost) forever. Combining relaxation and exercise it’s no wonder yoga has dominated the workout scene for thousands of years.

5. Yogaja Yoga
Offering over 60 classes a week, ranging from restorative to rigorous, everyone can find something to suit them at Yogaja Yoga. Whether you’re stressed, in need of a fun pick-me-up, or want to challenge yourself, this place has you covered. Get the most out of your membership by trying out the assortment of classes like bootcamp, buti, aerial, meditation, and countless more.

$20/drop-in class, $84/monthly unlimited, $900/annual pass.
Yoga Yogaji, Cricket West Location 3145 West Central Ave., and 701 Madison Ave., 567-343-5569.

6. Marci’s Downtown Yoga
Yoga should be accessible and that’s the mission at Marci’s Downtown Yoga which aims to make yoga both physically and financially possible for everyone. All levels are welcomed, whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just starting out. Marci’s Downtown Yoga is a great option for those working downtown, as it offers class during the lunch hour and evening to clear that work-related-stress.

$10/drop-in, $90/month unlimited.
Marci’s Downtown Yoga, 135 North Michigan St.
419-704-4303 |


While lots of workouts help you gain muscle bulk, pilates focuses on creating long, lean muscles and flexibility. Similar to yoga, pilates is all about control and precision. Sure you won’t be throwing weights around or sprinting on a treadmill, but you’ll definitely leave a pilates class sore.

7. Tonic
Tonic’s mission is to encourage well-being with mind-body workouts. Tonic offers classes for whatever your fitness goal might be. Try the pilates class for strength, yoga for balance and serenity or beyond barre for a total body transformation.

Classes range $15/drop-in, $115/monthly unlimited, $700/private pilates.
Tonic, 2221 River Rd., Maumee | 419-794-4044

8. Pure Barre
If you want to work out without the bulk up, then Pure Barre is for you. Pure Barre offers classes focused on resistance, cardio, foundations and classic barre technique. Each 45-50 minute class focuses on toning your whole body to create a long and lean muscle tone via low-impact, high intensity movements.

Pure Barre Classes: Single class $25, 20-class package $399
Intensives: $35/class
Pure Barre Toledo, 3157 W. Central Ave. | 419-214-0220


Dying to bring out the retired athlete in you or just want to feel hardcore? Then join a crossfit gym and get ready to sweat. Crossfit is a high-intensity workout that combines elements from various sports, exercises, and powerlifting.

9. The Standard CrossFit
You want to look better, move better, and feel better and The Standard CrossFit wants to help. Located downtown, The Standard CrossFit will pair you with a coach who tailors a workout specifically to help you achieve your fitness goals.

$139/month, $200/four one-on-one lessons.
The Standard CrossFit, 215 N Summit St. | 419-787-4988

10. Glass City CrossFit
Crossfit junkies and novices alike will feel welcome and challenged at Glass City CrossFit. Opt for the personal training for individualized attention or join a group class for a supportive community. Either way, Glass City CrossFit promises to help you reach your goals through customizable workouts fit for all levels.

$10/drop-in classes, $140/monthly unlimited classes
Glass City Crossfit, 3063 W Alexis Rd.
419-464-7167 |

Once you find the environment suitable for you and your goals, working out won’t feel like work at all. In fact you might just become one of those annoying fitness junkies we all secretly envy. Let 2019 be the year you finally conquer that worn out resolution.