Submitted: Your Love Stories…

. February 13, 2019.

143, shorthand for the one, four and three letter words, “I love you,” inspired us to solicit reader submissions to tell
us their love stories.

From heartache to heartbreak, to finding your one true love, stories of romance seem to end one of two ways— “happily ever after…” or “f*ck that liar!!!”

Teacher’s pet

Room 206 at Central Catholic High School was religion class..
I was the talker girl. Our teacher, Ms. Lagger got tired of my chattiness so she told me to move my seat. I remember her saying to move next to Sam…“he doesn’t talk”… maybe he didn’t. But I did! I sat down and started chatting with him! 13 years later and we are 5 years married with a little baby boy! Thanks Ms. Lagger for moving my seat that day! – Abbey Mezinko, Toledo

She says

“I’m so sorry,” he says, preparing to move out. “It’s not me,” she says, “who will suffer the most, but you.” Her eyes like cast iron cooling in the mold, the heat evaporating between them, lost wax. “Each time you two have sex—and not as often as you might expect—after all the hard rubbing and the whimpering gasps, brief tremors, after the restrained howl of your coming, you’ll sink into your usual gloom and no TV news, beer, snack, moonlight stroll or mundane chat will distract from the unqualified fact that you abandoned wife and children, that every time we think of you, love will be tempered with loathing.” But no, that’s not what she says. She says, “I hope your whore gives you what you really want.” – Leonard Kress, Toledo

But, does bitterness last?

Love is an illusion like every thing the mind conjures up. The entire gamut of emotions associate with love they’re fleeting as nothing is permanent, not even love . Love can only temporarily make you feel exhilarated and free because illusions are also impermanent. Don’t comprehend this as negative just understand nothing lasts forever. Ask anyone if anything in their lives has lasted , whether it be good or bad . – Anonymous

Mysterious love

I don’t remember the first time I fell in love. Love is like that. A mysterious, occult magic before you find it, but once experienced it becomes something that has been there through each moment of your existence. Time wasn’t real before that instant. Sometimes it fills you completely, every fiber of your being. Sometimes it goes unnoticed, but remains with you. Moving you. Driving you, like your breath or heartbeat. – Veronica Schultz, Swanton

Adonis in the flesh

Eight years ago, I walked into a convenience store, when I set my eyes on the most handsome, virile Adonis I had ever seen. He smiled and I think I lost time.
I knew he was the one, except I was already betrothed to another, and I was quite sure this man had to be. Still, I began showing up to the store daily to buy things I didn’t need, just to share his space. Then the one-sided emotional affair alert sounded off. This was so wrong. I had to cut off the store and my crush cold turkey. Six years faded, I found myself unhitched and I knew I had to find him. Thank you, social media! A friend of a friend of a person I may know, and there he was, a friend request and inbox message away from forever love. – Elaina Wilson, Toledo

Better from worse

Narcissistic relationships steal your dignity and puncture your mind. My relationship of four years abandoned me on my birthday; a birthday marking a milestone in my survival with a rare disease I suffer from. He cut me off completely and threatened me if I were to ever contact him again. A few weeks later I found out he was getting married to another woman. My old friends and his family, who I became close to, were congratulating them on their bragging social media parade. I realize how impressionable I was when he met me because he was still in a serious relationship during our beginning months, while I was getting diagnosed with my illness. His life has been overlap relationships, seeking vulnerable new supply. Although the resulting pain was unspeakable, I am a stronger, fiercer, and more independent woman than ever. – Stephanie, Toledo

Bad meets good

Met in the middle of a robbery. Fell in love. Got married at a murder trial. Built a family. Built a team. Lived better.
– Ivory Wins, Toledo

An unforgettable luncheon

A girl and I went out to lunch before my deployment overseas. It was a friendly lunch with no real intentions. We continued to talk while I was away (I liked her) and when I returned she gave me two hand made gifts: origami stars for every day I was gone and a map with the words “Home is wherever people miss you” or something like that. Apparently she was trying to friend-zone me because she didn’t like me. It didn’t work because we are now married with two kids. – Jeremy England, Toledo

The rest is history

I sat nervously in history class on my very first day of college at The University of Toledo. Dominic walked in, smiled at me, and said “I’m going to sit by you.” We’re now married and have been together for over eight years. We even had our engagement pictures taken in that classroom, in the exact seats that we sat in. As I like to tell the story, “We met on the first day of history class, and the rest is history!” – Bridget Petro, Toledo

So cute it should be illegal

Bob and I met at a house party for law students. We both crashed it for our own reasons. Neither of us studied law. We arrived at the same time and he held the door for me to enter. Chivalrous, I thought. I danced with him and drank some of his scotch. I gave my phone number to his roommate who asked me for it. The next day, Bob called to ask for a date. My mother answered the phone and kept whispering to me, “He sounds nice.” I accepted. We went for a drink at a bar. He never asked me how old I was. I didn’t tell him I was just 20. Six weeks later we were engaged. Six months after we met, we were married. This May 24th we will have been married 50 years. Fate is a funny thing. – Pam Kelso, Sylvania