Thursday, February 22, 2024

First Glass City Indie Market kicks off in Toledo

The support for local businesses in Toledo has grown steadily throughout the past few years, so it was only a matter of time before the creation of the Glass City Indie Market, featuring small business owners and entrepreneurs in the Toledo Area.

“The purpose is to showcase the glass cities amazing talent of entrepreneurs and small businesses that are hidden in the city and give them a showcase,” said Stephanie Inman, Glass City Indie Marketing Manager. “We’re only going to grow bigger.”

The market allows local business owners to sell their custom-made products and promote their businesses. For a fee of $100, vendors set up booths which attendees can sift through for a full retail shopping experience.

While this is the first market of its kind in Toledo powered by Binary Box Media, the digital marketing firm also runs a monthly indie market in Atlanta, Georgia. After seeing the success from the Atlanta markets, the organizers considered Toledo a good place to expand the market.


“We looked at the amount of small businesses from Toledo and the surrounding areas and also we notice the market size at the small business events held at the seagate center,” said Inman said. “That let us know that both customers and business owners enjoy small market integration.”

Choosing Toledo to build on the success of Atlanta took more than just throwing a dart at the map. Along with researching the small business market in Toledo, Binary Box Media also conducted social media polls.

“A lot of Toledoans actually have migrated down south,” Inman said. “So we saw an opportunity that local small businesses may need that help or push to get started so we decided to do an activation up here as well.”

Add in the fact that one member from the marketing team is from Toledo and the pieces come together perfectly for the market’s fruition.

Shop local in one convenient place


No need to spend an entire day running around the Toledo area trying to support local; the market allows for people to support several local businesses all in one location.

The market promises over 100 local independent artists, brands, and shops at the event. With so many vendors, not only can people shop local, they’re also likely to learn more about local businesses they have not yet heard of.

“The purpose of the Glass City indie market is allow an avenue for local small business owner and entrepreneurs to have a location to sell their products and services,” Inman said.

Attaining that many vendors required Binary Box Media to reach out via social media as well as go door-to-door in an effort to spread the word about the event.

The vendors include Odyssey & Oddities, Baldeschwiler Art and Design, Smyles icy treats, St. Paul Youth Ministry, Idlewood Studio, Dagger and Cloak-eclectic goods, EmTree Bath, Body Heart Strings by Darlene. Inman said expect more to come.

The market is sponsored by Binary Box Media, Red Bull, Telegration, and Indigo Blue Development.

Noon-5pm | Saturday, April 27
Residence Inn by Marriott, 1370 Arrowhead Dr., Maumee.
419-469-5951 |

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