Saturday, December 2, 2023

Find Your Style With Professional Help

Do you have a man in your life lacking a sense of style? Maybe it’s your son in a baja hoodie who doesn’t understand why his job interviews are going badly. Maybe it’s your boyfriend who has never used an iron. Maybe it’s your friend, who despite being such a nice guy, can’t get a date while wearing a fedora. And maybe, just maybe, that man is you, and getting dressed in the morning is akin to torture.

While we don’t know who first said “you have to suffer for fashion”, we are pretty that they’re dead and irrelevant. But gone, and relevant, is Oscar Wilde, who once said: “A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.”

We have local professionals eager to help unfashionable men put their best foot forward for step two: developing a unique sense of style.

Submit a photo and short description of the sartorially-challenged man in your life to by Friday, October 20 for a chance to win a free makeover, professional photo shoot, and a feature in our November 8 issue of the Toledo City Paper.

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