A Treehouse Village at the Metroparks: IT’S HAPPENING!!!!!

. September 28, 2018.

In March 2017, the Metroparks announced that they were planning to build a treehouse village.

We were pretty excited, and exactly 561 days later (yes, we have been counting), the Board of Park Commissioners has announced some firm plans for the Metroparks Toledo’s upcoming Treehouse Village in Oak Openings.

Forewarned, there’s good news, bad news, and even better news. We’re listing them in order:

Good news: the Treehouse Village (a phrase I will never get sick of typing) will open next year.

Bad news: You can’t live in them permanently.

Even better news: You will be able to rent some for overnight stays.

Here’s what you can expect to see up in the maple and oak trees: – – A six-person treehouse
– A four-person treehouse
– Two, two-person treehouses
– Three tent/hammock platforms for camping in the trees
– A common treehouse with seating for up to 49 people
– And a crow’s nest linked to the common treehouse by a canopy walk

The Treehouse Village was designed by the Nelson Treehouse and Supply, a team of carpenters and architects that build elaborate and safe treehouses through the world, and made famous through the Animal Planet TV series “Treehouse Masters.”

“We’re thrilled to report that no other park system in the country will have a treehouse village inspired and designed by Treehouse Masters,” said Scott J. Savage, President of the Board of Park Commissioner. “It is yet another example of the forward thinking and innovation that makes Metroparks Toledo one of the top park systems in the country. We are so grateful to the generous supporters and the Foundation, who are making this project happen in our community.”

The Treehouse Village (I really love typing this) will be part of the new 420-acre Beach Ridge Area at Oak Openings, an area that also features a new 12-mile mountain bike trail, the Metroparks second FitPark, an outdoor fitness area sponsored by Mercy Health, and a new multi-use facility.  

“These experiences, along with the Treehouse Village, add to our region’s growing reputation as a great place to live, work and play,” said Dave Zenk, Metroparks Toledo executive director.

We can’t wait to add “climbing” to the list.