Local Record Reviews

. February 21, 2014.

Boogaloosa Prayer-Live R Than You’ll Ever Be: The Picciuto Sessions 
Face-melting Psychedelic Blues? I’m there! Longtime veterans of the Toledo scene, Boogaloosa Prayer continues to impress with powerful live sets which cast massive rock damage on all who dare listen.

Fangs Out – Speech Shadowing
An amazing LP from the Toledo/BG duo. Haunting female vocals over awesome fuzzed-up guitar. It evokes some of my favorite 90s-style alternative, reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr and Siouxsie. The band went all out on a remarkable package and I can’t even explain how impressive it is.

The Miracle Vitamins -Dogs On Tethers
Quite a surprising CD. The vocals and songwriting take center stage on Dogs On Tethers, with the instruments accompanied to the voice on this album—something you don’t find often these
days. Well crafted songs, with interesting vocal harmonies.

Faux Paus – ST
An EP of twisted folk, featuring stripped-down instrumentation with lovely backing vocals. While the songs can be a bit rambling, the harmonies are absolutely beautiful and brilliant. I keep wanting more and more of those voices.

Don Binkley -What’s Wrong with This Picture
 Reminiscent of the 60s Laurel Canyon sound made famous by The Eagles, Jackson Browne, and James Taylor, Toledo musician Don Binkley has culled a lifetime of songs, transporting some of us older listeners back to the days of The Coach House and Heads & Tales.