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Wanna Make ‘Er Loaded: A Healthier Food Truck Alternative

When you have a dream, sometimes you have to take a chance and, occasionally, some big risks along the way. That’s exactly what the owners of Wanna Make ‘Er Loaded, Noelle and Kenny Wanemacher did.

The couple left 20-year-long careers to achieve their dream of opening a food truck, and have found great success here in Toledo.

Their menu boasts completely customizable options of loaded wraps, loaded salads or the new fan favorite, loaded rice bowls.

Since many food trucks offer fried food, Noelle and Kenny wanted to provide Toledoans with a healthier alternative. 

Photo provided via Wanna Make ‘Er Loaded.

“You don’t have to sacrifice flavor to eat something semi-healthy and that was kind of our goal from the beginning, to offer a menu that isn’t your typical food truck fare,” Kenny said.

No fryers are found in the Wanna Make Er Loaded food truck. All of the food is made to order and grilled fresh for their customers.

Their gyro, the top seller, has customers pick an option of grilled Gyro meat or grilled chicken, loaded with fresh tomatoes, onions and crunchy pickles on a bed of romaine lettuce and creamy tzatziki sauce for a twist on a Mediterranean classic.

Photo provided via Wanna Make ‘Er Loaded.

Another one of their most popular options, the Hawaiian, is filled with grilled chicken and loaded with grilled pineapple and bacon, romaine lettuce and topped with melted Swiss and their signature sweet and tangy Polynesian sauce. The flavors meld together for a truly mouthwatering experience. 

If you are looking for a more classic option, the Chicken Bacon Ranch, another popular pick, loaded with grilled chicken, bacon, tomato, lettuce, shredded cheddar and cool ranch dressing. 

With 27 different options of wraps, salads or rice bowls, anyone is sure to find a new favorite meal at Wanna Make ‘Er Loaded. 

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Not only is their menu delicious, but also easy on the wallet. The price of loaded wraps, salads or rice bowls start at $13. Add double meat, cheese or extra sauce or dressing for a little extra. 

“We like to say that we’re not your average food truck. And the reason for that is because of the value and what you receive,” Kenny said. 

Photo provided via Wanna Make ‘Er Loaded.

Their food even passes the “kid test,” Kenny said, with all six children of their blended family enjoying eating at the truck.

“I guess the biggest test for us is (when) our kids text us from school or sports practice or whatever and they’re always asking us to make them some. That’s the biggest test for us,” Kenny said. 

Family was a big reason behind the couple leaving their 20-year-long careers and started Wanna Make ‘Er Loaded.

“Kind of what started this (was) a desire to manage our own schedule and do something that fit the family lives more than just the nine to five,” Kenny said.

Taking the risk of leaving their careers for the dream of owning a food truck has paid off for the couple. In just their first year, they had over 15,000 customers and were nominated for Best Food Truck in 2023.

Find them anywhere from small office lunches to weddings, community or corporate events. Check the Facebook page, where the truck’s schedule is posted weekly.

As booking requests fill up their schedule, Kenny and Noelle have decided to expand their operations this year, adding at least one more truck to their lineup. They are actively recruiting and hiring individuals to work on their trucks, starting pay at $30 an hour. If interested in the position, message them through Facebook or their website

For more information on Wanna Make ‘Er Loaded, visit its website

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