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Local Freshness: Dining Farm to Table

The American Heart Association, Northwest Ohio Chapter, is hosting a Farm To Table event to promote the economic and health benefits of buying local and eating fresh.

The event, Sunday, September 16 from 5-8 pm at The Stables in Whitehouse, begins with a cocktail hour and a farmer’s showcase with the “farm to table” dinner and silent auction beginning at 6:00 pm.

Fowl and Fodder will cater the event, sourcing food from local farms, including Pettisville Meats, Anderson Farms, Riehm Farms, Eshleman Orchard, and That One Farmer Guy.

Cadie Jardin, registered dietician and supporter of local food producers explains the importance that eating fresh and buying local has for her and her family, summarizing, “I buy local because it forces me and my family to eat better, and it allows me to teach my kids where food comes from.”

Jardin continues, “Buying local helps reduce waste because we feel a sense of obligation to eat what we have because we know our farmer, and we understand how hard it is to grow things.” She jokes, “Plus, my toddler will try any veggie if he knows ‘farmer Kurt’ [from Shared Legacy Farms] grew it!”

Reducing waste

Buying local reduces waste from packaging and transportation as well. It keeps money in the local community, maintains jobs and supports other local businesses. The economic benefits are indisputable. Eating local, fresh produce generally means the food is free of pesticides and preservatives, and eating seasonal produce provides improved nutrition and a well-balanced diet.

Kerri Rochelle, AHA Development Director, expounds, “We live in quite an area in Northwest Ohio that offers exceptional agriculture and unmatched expertise, [and from that], the idea of the Farm to Table event emerged.”

“If we look at the current health in our community in Northwest Ohio, 83% of people do not consume enough fruits and vegetables,” adds Jessica Hover, American Heart Association Development Director. “Heart disease and stroke are the number 1 and number 5 killers of all Americans. Locally, these diseases combined claim the lives of more than 5,000 individuals each year. We have to address these statistics through educational community events and additional funding for local research.”

The Farm Bureau, Fulton and Williams County Economic Development Offices, CIFT, Farmers and Merchants State Bank and the Maumee Growers Association are leading the Farm to Table event.

Farm to Table Dinner and Silent Auction
$100 | 5-8pm | Sunday, September 16
The Stables, 11781 Obee Rd., Whitehouse

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