Tuesday, December 5, 2023

419 Ale Trail Offers a Regional Road Map for Craft Beverages

Not all trails in Northwest Ohio begin and end in one of the area’s great Metroparks. The 419 Ale Trail leads a path to tasty Northwest Ohio-made craft beverages.  The 419 Ale Trail, “tapped” in June, showcases 29 of Northwest Ohio’s best breweries, meaderies and distilleries. The Ale Trail covers 10 counties, all within the 419 area code. 

According to Grand Rapids’ Wild Side Brewing Company’s Nicholas Scott, the Ale Trail is a positive addition to the craft beverage community.  “Anything that brings people to [breweries] is a positive act for the community,” Scott said. “Beer inherently brings people together. This trail creates an interactive road map to all the awesome places in our area to feel that sense of what makes this community so strong.”

A Brew Passport
The 419 Ale Trail has a mobile passport. After registering, users can check-in through the mobile passport according to their location. These check-ins give users access to unique deals and discounts and also create a pathway for prizes. 

According to Earnest Brew Works’ Scott Yarnell, the Ale Trail provides a perfect avenue to try local watering holes across Northwest Ohio. “(It’s) a great way to get people out to visit and sample craft [beverages].  We have a great craft [beverage] community in the 419. The Ale Trail is instrumental in providing the push we needed.”

Drinking Prizes
In addition to receiving prizes for visiting a specific number of destinations on the Trail, check-ins also increase the number of times you are entered for special prize drawings. The real goal of the app, however, is to encourage patrons to consider trying something new. 

Inside the Five’s Katie Fields believes that the community’s ability to provide variety will make this concept successful. “It’s exciting that Northwest Ohio’s craft {beverage] scene has grown enough to have its own trail,” Fields said. “It’s a fun idea and I think it will only increase the number of craft [beverage] fans in the area.”

In addition to the local breweries mentioned, the 419 Ale Trail also features regional favorites such as Twin Oast Brewing, Bowling Green Beer Works and Buffalo Rock Brewing Company, along with over twenty others, including craft beverage destinations such as Four Fires Meadery and Six Fifths Distilling. This is encouragement for “people (to) get a sense of adventure and go out and try new things and have new experiences,” Yarnell said.  

Learn More
Those interested in completing the 419 Ale Trail have until June 17, 2022. And even if you do not make it through the entire trail, it is likely you’ll have a good time trying. To learn more about the Ale Trail and to sign-up, visit visittoledo.org/419-ale-trail.

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