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Top Docs 2015

An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but who wants to avoid these Glass City charmers? We’ve brought you a collection of docs who love their job and patients. From chiropractors to plastic surgeons and general practitioners, our Top Docs guide will introduce you to passionate doctors with a funny bone of their own. Just what the doctor ordered? That’s what we think.

Dr. Wade Banker

Owner, Luxe Laser Center
1500 Holland Rd., Maumee

Area of practice you're excited about:
The cosmetic industry advances quickly, and we have all the newest equipment. I’m excited to be on the cutting edge of technology and be able to offer the best to our customers.

Pet peeve:
I don’t like when medical insurance companies drag their feet to buy time. It’s not helpful to the patient and it makes it harder on everyone involved.

Guilty pleasure:
We put in top-of-the-line spray tanning equipment at Luxe so we can give people a sunless alternative to tanning, and I might use it a bit more than I should.

Bryan D. Royer, DC, DACNB, CCSP

Harmony Chiropractic Center,
3829 Woodley Rd. Ste.

Your medical philosophy:
Chiropractic care for all musculoskeletal problems should be the first choice.Once you cut, you can’t take it back and properly prescribed medications can cause major health issues.

Pet peeve:
Bad posture. It can be the root cause of a myriad of medical conditions. Grandma was right, sit up straight.

I'm most proud of:
My certification in Chiropractic Neurology. Just like in medicine, chiropractic has specialties and the Neurology certification is one of the most difficult to achieve. It means that I am able to treat many neurological issues, like concussions, vertigo/dizziness, ADHD & dyslexia, using brain based exercises and without the use of drugs or surgery.

Dr. Rick Hires

Hires Dental Care
3951 W. Sylvania Ave.

Medical advancement you're most excited about:
Changes in implant dentistry and implant supported dentures. These changes will give patients a better quality of life, and that is what our practice is all about.

I wish all my patients would:
Make their oral health a life priority.

I'm most proud of:
The great team we have— especially the fact that each year, our staff volunteers their time to serve veterans free of charge during Stars, Stripes and Smiles.

Sarah Stierman, M.D

Dermatology Associates, Inc.
Levis Commons,12780 Roachton Rd. Ste. 1, Perrysburg

Your medical philosophy:
Patient care is a partnership, where both doctor and patient take ownership of the patient's health. Patient/physician rapport is integral to excellent care.

Area of practice you're excited about:
Everything! Dermatology is unique in that I get to care for a wide patient demographic with a broad spectrum of concerns— from infant birthmarks to teenage acne to adult cosmetic concerns, skin cancers, and beyond. I love my job.

Guilty pleasure:
Sleeping in on my day off.

Dr. Jon Frankel

Frankel Dentistry

5012 Talmadge Road

4359 Keystone Drive, Maumee

Your medical philosophy:
A healthy mouth promotes a healthy body. Treat patients like family, respect their time and offer the highest standards of care.

Medical advancement you're most excited about:
Our advanced technology allows us to help make your smile look its best. And we have our own patients’ pictures to prove it.

I am most proud of:
The changes I have made in lives through dentistry. It is humbling.

Drs. Laurence Baibak, A. Thomas Dalagiannis and C. Jeff Kesler

Arrowhead Plastic Surgeons, Inc.
1360 Arrowhead Rd., Maumee,

Laurence Baibak MD FACS

Area of practice you're excited about:
Facial and body rejuvenation, basically restoring a youthful fresh look for my patients.

Words I live by:
Treat everybody as family, patients are treated like someone I care about. Once you are my patient, you become part of my family.

A. Thomas Dalagiannis MD FACS

Your medical philosophy:
Treat my patients with dignity, compassion and respect.

I wish all my patients would:
Follow their doctor’s recommendations.

C. Jeff Kesler, MD FACS

Area of practice you're excited about:
Facial rejuvenation. There are new, less invasive procedures that make a big difference.

Guilty pleasure:
Flying high performance airplanes

Dr. Haerian

Drs. Haerian | Ludwig | Simon Orthodontics

3 locations to serve you
6407 Monroe St., Sylvania,

7928 Secor Rd., Lambertville

4359 Keystone Dr., Suite 200
Maumee, 419-887-1247

Area of practice you're excited about:
We are excited about utilizing new technologies as it presents itself in our clinic, such as personalized digital care.

Medical advancement you're most excited about:
The field of biomedics is exploring the possibility of actually growing new teeth, which would revolutionize the field of dentistry.

Guilty pleasure:
Belgian beer

Dr. Bob Esplin

4801 N. Holland Sylvania Rd. at Harroun, Sylvania

Area of practice you're excited about:
Practicing high quality medicine. I am especially interested in canine reproduction and advanced dental care.

I wish all my patients would:
Appreciate the fact that we are available after-hours. There is no need to wait for any sort of emergency. Your pet wouldn’t be here alone, there is someone here at all times.

Words I live by:
My glass is always half full

Pet peeve:
People who don’t realize that adopting a pet is a lifetime responsibility.

Dr. Marlene C. Welch

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Medical Director at FACES Skin Health Experts
6595 Secor Rd.

Your medical philosophy:
I take a holistic approach to medicine. I am interested in partnering with my patients to help them make improvements for a healthy lifestyle. I practice what I preach. My patients and I hold each other accountable in our commitment to health and wellness.

I wish all my patients would:

Words I live by:
If you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done.

Dr. Oliver Jenkins and Dr. Christopher Perry

Toledo Clinic ENT
5800 Park Center Court, Suite C

Dr. Perry

Your medical philosophy:
Follow the golden rule: Treat every patient as I would like to be treated.

Area of practice you're excited about:
The management of snoring and sleep apnea. A good night's rest is so important.

Guilty pleasure:
Reese's peanut butter cups.

Dr. Jenkins

I wish all my patients would:
Listen to their own bodies and seek answers sooner than later.

Words I live by:
Leave the world better then you found it.

Pet peeve:
Undeserved self importance.

Jason J. Peisley, D.C.

Fairwood Health & Body Transition
5215 Monroe Street

Your medical philosophy:
The cornerstone of my practice and the future of medicine is preventing and treating the “causes” of disease— not the symptoms— by using advanced holistic, non-pharmaceutical approach to restore health and wellness.

I wish all my patients would:
Enjoy good health, stop to smell the roses, and find joy in their lives.

Guilty pleasure:
Texas Hold'em and Myrtle Beach, SC annual men's golf retreat.

Hope Mitchell, MD

Mitchell Dermatology
900 W South Boundary, Building 9A, Perrysburg
419-872-HOPE (4673)

Area of practice you're excited about:
My practice has grown exponentially with young adults seeking full body skin exams. That excites me because I am able to not only do the exam, but also to educate them about sun protection and the danger signs of skin cancer to watch for.

I wish all my patients would:
I wish all my patients would wear sunscreen; unfortunately many still do not.

I'm most proud of:
I am most proud of the faithful, spiritually mature, young woman I have grown up to be.

Joani Donovan, LMT, CKTP

Ultimate Body Mind & Spirit
3450 W Central Ave., Suite 310

Your medical philosophy:
Western Medicine and naturopathic medicine should work together more often than they do.

I wish all my patients would:
Give honest feedback about their treatments

Words I live by:
“Be the change you wish to see in the world”— Ghandi

Glenn Whitted, MD

Toledo Clinic Orthopaedics
4235 Secor Rd.

My medical philosophy:
Remember that the patient will always tell the doctor what is really wrong, and that if I listen carefully and treat the patient with compassion, I will always be able to help in some way.

Pet peeve:
People not interested in my patients’ welfare (insurers, the government) preventing me from focusing my talents in taking care of my patients with compassion, in the way that I was trained.

Guilty pleasure:
Homemade chocolate chip cookies!

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