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Holiday wish list

The delight of fine dining

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like paying for the filet mignon or lobster. Spring for the experience of a fancy meal (or a few fancy meals!) with a gift card from Mancy’s Steakhouse, Mancy’s Bluewater Grill, Mancy’s Italian or Shorty's True American Roadhouse.

Mancy’s Steakhouse, 953 Phillips Ave., 419-476-4154.

Mancy’s Italian, 5453 Monroe St. 419- 882-9229.

Mancy’s Bluewater Grille, 461 W. Dussel Dr., Maumee. 419-724-2583.

Shorty's True American Roadhouse, 5111 Monroe St. 419-841-9505.

Pampering and beauty

Massages, manicures, hair styling sessions — these are the fodder of every woman's wish list. Pyure Salon and Spa's services and beauty products provide a de-stressing luxury that will please even the pickiest lady on your list. Tie a ribbon around the gift card and let her book the appointment.

Pyure Salon and Spa,
3355 Briarfield Blvd., Maumee.

A week's worth of margaritas

Problem: You can't be by ______'s (insert important person here) side every time they're craving authentic Mexican food. What you can do is provide them the means to procure a margarita and enchiladas when the evening calls for it. It's a gift that can't be returned, because no one wants to give it back!

El Vaquero
3302 Secor Rd.

A culinary adventure

The best gifts offer an entire evening’s experience. Nights at Degage Jazz Cafe are a magical combination of smooth jazz accompanied by cuisine that stays in your memory. Or, perhaps wrap a ribbon around their delicious canned goods like bacon jam — it's the kind of gift that prompts thank you cards.

Degage Jazz Cafe,
301 River Rd., Maumee. 419-794-8456.

A night out of the history books

Sometimes dinner needs a dose of yesteryear’s glamour and refinement. Blissfield's Hathaway House has those things in spades, though the appeal goes beyond the setting to the impeccable menu showcasing offerings from seared duck breast to herbed pappardelle pasta. An evening dinner here would make a special gift that's off the beaten path.

Hathaway House, 424 W. Adrian St.,
Blissfield, Michigan. 517-486-2141.

Eco-friendly goodies

Almost everyone on your gift list loves chocolate — but there's a certain portion of conscientious people on the list that will appreciate receiving goodies with an earth-friendly spin. Phoenix Earth Food Co-op's fair trade chocolates, teas and coffees from high-quality purveyors can be mixed and matched into a feel-good, earth-friendly food basket. These delicious and festively-wrapped Theo delights are the perfect item to tuck inside a gift basket.

Phoenix Earth Food Co-op,
1447 W. Sylvania Ave. 419-476-3211.

A sundae indulgence

There are few occasions where a chocolate covered bacon sundae isn't appropriate: the holidays are naturally a time when the heart wants what it wants, and receives it, too. A gift card at Swig can be applied too many ways to count — we'd start with that ice cream, but another recipient might want to spend it on hand-crafted sausages, draught beer, Scotch eggs … really, everyone will thank you for being such a smart gift-giver.

219 Louisiana Ave.,
Perrysburg. 419-873-6223.

Irresistible ink

Skin is the best canvas, but only the most talented artists know how to decorate it. Crave Tattoo's ink experts create beautiful, intricate designs — the stunning image on your best friend's right forearm? Yeah, that's totally thanks to you.

Crave Tattoo,
1417 W. Sylvania.

A toned physique 

After Christmas come the resolutions. Give the gift of a strategic start with classes at Tonic — the chance for a firm physique from the elegance of a beautiful studio with instructors trained in  Pilates, yoga, and the ballet-inspired BeyondBarre. It's like being transported for a serious workout in New York City for an hour.

2221 River Rd., Maumee.

Glamour and sparkle

There is a certain gasp emitted from every woman when they unwrap a dazzling piece of jewelry. These sparklers from Bowling Green Hats and Apparel are guaranteed to be sigh-worthy.

Bowling Green Hats & Apparel,
133 S. Main St.,
Bowling Green.

A weekend getaway

Vacations can be a scarce commodity (a case of high demand and low supply). An escape to Belamere Suites is a luxurious break from reality — husbands and boyfriends, take note. Gifting a weekend at this boutique hotel will earn you major kudos.

Belamere Suites,
12200 Williams Rd.,
Perrysburg. 419-874-2233,

A clean car all winter long

No one's suggesting you wash your parents' car yourself. But offering up the services of the professionals at Expresso Car Wash to do it for them? Major brownie points. Trust us. (Extra credit if you buy enough car wash credits can last them through spring.)

Expresso Car Wash:
5440 W. Central Ave.,
419-536-7540; 1010 W. Alexis Rd.,
419-476-6517; 1750
S. Reynolds Rd., 419-866-7099.

An Italian extravaganza

Rosie's Italian Grille knows the cuisine of The Boot as well as anyone in town — spring for a gift card here and  indulge your (soon-to-be pleased) dining partner in some well-deserved pasta and wine.

Rosie's Italian Grille,
606 N. McCord Rd.

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