Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Compost bins and rain barrels to help the environment (and your garden)

The Village of Ottawa Hills has joined forces with the Lucas Soil and Water Conservation District to offer residents compost bins and rain barrels. Both are now available for preorder.

The items are available for purchase on the Enviroworld website. Compost bins are $50, and rain barrels are $60.

As originally planned, residents would have been able to pick up their items in May. Due to COVID-19 concerns, the pickup now takes place on July 25 from 10am to noon at Ottawa Hills Elementary School.

Ottawa Hills and Lucas Soil and Water offer the rain barrels and compost bins in a tag-team effort to benefit both the environment and area residents. Using a composting bin not only produces excellent gardening soil but cuts down on the amount of trash generated by a household.

Rain barrels, conversely, allow residents to collect fresh rainwater directly from their roofs, providing a clean resource to water your plants, gardens and the like. It also keeps rainwater from picking up any unwanted contaminants, such as fertilizer or debris from the streets, before it reaches a larger body of water.

Additional items for the concerned home composter, such as a mesh bottom for your compost bin or a composting thermometer, are also available on the sale website.

The deadline for preorders is July 17. For more information on the items and event, call 419-893-1966, ext. 5, or visit the Lucas Soil and Water Conservation District website.

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