Try These 5 Virtual Fitness Classes From Toledo Trainers

With most of us staying home as much as possible during the pandemic, it’s all too easy to become one with our couches— not the best way to boost our immune system when we need it most. Luckily, there are lots of ways you can keep a consistent fitness routine without leaving your home. We made a list of five local fitness hubs that have online classes (some of which are free) so that you don’t miss a beat with maintaining your health and wellness. 

1. Go M.A.D. Fitness Toledo 


Go M.A.D. Fitness Toledo has free videos from their trainers you can follow from home that will definitely help you get your sweat on! Think high-energy Insanity and Mad Zone Circuit classes, but also intermediate yoga classes that will keep you both fit and zen. 

For more info, call 419-724-7051 or visit

2. LBs Circuit Training 


The gym may be closed right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stick to your workout regimen with their virtual classes and even virtual personal training. By using their app, you’ll have access to a wide variety of classes, including yoga, spin and circuit training for only $15 a week. 

Check out your options at or call 419-279-5921 with any questions.

3. Essence Mind Body Studio 


Essence Mind Body Studio’s holistic approach to wellness is still accessible through their array of virtual yoga classes. Whether you are in the mood for restorative yoga, or a flow with a more energetic, pilates-influenced approach, this Maumee studio is an excellent tool to get you through these uncertain times. Visit their website to see which classes are being offered via Zoom. Prices range from $18 per class to $150 per month for unlimited classes. 

For more info, call 419-873-6463 or visit

4. Toledo Yoga 


Toledo Yoga has an excellent deal on their sculpt, power, and restorative yin yoga classes. It’s 30 days of unlimited yoga for $30, but you can also do their live Zoom classes for $8 per class. Their focus on mindful fitness is a great fit for both yoga newbies and folks who have been hitting the mat for years, and they boast a library of more than 100 classes. Purchase your individual classes or membership via their website.

For more info, call 419-531-0006 or visit

5. Sylvania Fit Body Boot Camp


If you are looking for a comprehensive plan to improve your health, Sylvania Fit Body Boot Camp’s 6-week transformation challenge is a must-try. Not only will you benefit from online workouts led by their personal trainers, but they also provide a nutrition program to help you boost your immunity and feel your best. $20 per week for 6 weeks plus registration fee.

For more info, call 419-377-7141 or visit

  1. American Mobile Fitness

American Mobile Fitness offers a Virtual Personal Training experience to allow clients to workout anywhere with internet access. Whether you are quarantined at home,  traveling for business or just going on vacation, stay fit with one of our certified personal trainers that will “meet” with you live and give you the custom challenging workout that you need. Grab your laptop and schedule a Virtual Personal Trainer session today.

For more info, call 419-351-1381 or visit

  1. Toledo City Paper Mind Full Mondays

If you haven’t already checked out this mindfulness meeting led by rustbeltZen, there’s still one more available session. Buddhist-priest-in-training Brent Haas shares his 17 years of experience in breathing and meditation techniques, introducing participants to a mind-body connection. The final meeting is at 11am on Monday, May 18. Follow the TCP link above to get access to the Zoom meeting link.

We also want to hear from our readers on this topic. What are some local workouts you’ve been enjoying during quarantine? Contact us at to share your favorites.