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A Polish Delight

Where to Find Pierogi in Toledo

Though national pierogi day is not until early October, that doesn’t mean people can’t celebrate and be over-the-moon over one of Poland’s most well-known dishes. Pierogies have been gracing American tables for nearly a century and it’s not surprising why. A generous dough dumpling, these are traditionally crisped a bit outside and filled with anything from mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, cheese, and so much more. It’s not uncommon to even find dessert pierogies, too!

Toledo never disappoints when it comes to food, and there are plenty of shops, restaurants, and local eateries that have begun offering pierogies on their menus in the Greater Toledo Area. There are so many, it may be hard to list them all, but here are a handful to get you started on your next Polish-inspired food quest!


Bar 145 $10.99

Burgers and live music aren’t all Bar 145 has to offer. Pierogies are on the menu, and whether they’re your appetizer or meal, you’ll be sure to be pleased. Their traditional pierogies are stuffed with mashed potatoes and sharp cheddar, served with smoked sausage, sauteed onions, and a side of sour cream.


Manhattan’s Pub and Cheer $11.55

In the heart of downtown, pierogies are aplenty over at Manhattan’s! Their menu boasts handmade pierogies packed full with cheesy mashed potatoes, and topped with bacon, caramelized onions, some more cheese, and a side of sour cream. They come four per order.


The Polish Ostrich $5.50

Head over to the Five Points area to stop by a bar with an unsurprisingly Polish-inspired menu. While people rave about their Polish hash, they also sell delicious pierogies. Orders come with two fried pierogies of your choice accompanied by a side of sour cream. Always make sure to ask for their daily available flavors!


Quimby’s Food & Spirits $7.99 

A quick drive across the Michigan and Ohio border will bring you to Quimby’s, a local eatery that’s been in business for almost 15 years. Their pierogies come in orders of five. The potato and cheese filled dumplings are served with cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, bacon & scallions, with a side of sour cream. 


Stanley’s Market Starting as low as $9

Located in North Toledo’s Polish Village, Stanley’s Market offers traditional polish-filled dumplings that are massive. Unlike mass-produced pierogi that are 12-to-a-pound, these are 4-to-a-pound that are produced at their retail store. They come in three available flavors:

  • Redskin garlic mashed potatoes with Buckwheat groats and cheese
  • Sauerkraut with sauteed mushrooms and onion
  • Sweetened dry curd cottage cheese

All pierogies are sold in a one-pound freezer sealed package (4/pk) and are fully-cooked.


Swig $8

Located in downtown Maumee, Swig is a great place to find awesome draft beers and liquors, delicious sandwiches, and of course pierogies! They have a twist on the traditional flavors, serving the six potato and onion pierogies topped with chorizo fundido, tomatoes, pickled onions, and crema. 


Pierogies correspond with descriptions below from right to left. Photo courtesy of Tony Packo’s.

Tony Packo’s (All Locations) $6.99+

Tony Packo’s has been a Toledo treasure for many years, always looking to provide locals with simple but amazing food. They don’t disappoint with their pierogies, offering three different flavors to keep everyone coming back:



  • Original With a Smoked Paprika Ranch Sauce $6.99

Crispy exterior, creamy interior, dusted with paprika and ready to dip into one of the most amazing sauces you’ll ever try.


  • Packo’s Hotdog Sauce With Onions and Cheese $8.99

All the fantastic flavors you love about their Hungarian hot dogs on top of pillowy goodness.


  • Kraut With Sour Cream $7.99

Tangy cabbage and sweet tomatoes are tamed by creamy smooth sour cream in this traditional version.

(Each order comes with five pierogies)

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