25 Delicious Things for $7 or Less

*Does not include tax or gratuity. Please tip your server. Everyone loves to splurge on sushi or go out for a fancy wine dinner once in awhile, but dining out can really add up. Here at TCP we’ve put together a short list of deliciousness you can eat and enjoy for $7 or under.* #1

Dr. Scott Sheridan, Pinball Wizard

“Dr. Scott” Sheridan talks about 25 years in the game Dr. Scott’s Pinball, on Conant St. in Maumee, is a dream come true for an arcade enthusiast. Only problem is, it’s not an arcade. Dr. Scott’s store specializes in selling classic pinball machines and arcade games. The beautifully maintained titles that line the expansive main

Fitness fun in the 419

Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, or just be able to walk up a flight of stairs without wheezing (no judgment, we’ve been there) the Toledo area offers plenty of places to get you on track and keep you motivated. This list of 10 fitness classes and centers will help you accomplish your

Toledo-Area Independent Coffee Shops

Pitch the boring, run-of-the-mill Folgers and wake up with a lil’ Toledo in your cup. Coffee is more than just an everyday routine; it can be the jolt that turns a challenging day into a successful, productive one. Whether you are looking for that essential morning fix or an afternoon pick-me-up, these local coffee shops

STEMinists Take to the Runway

Elements of Style fashion show raises money and awareness for STEM outreach People often think of the arts and STEM fields as being polar opposites that exist on different planes. Imagination Station has proven that this is not the case with their debut fashion show, Elements of Style: A Fashion Show Fundraiser with STEMinist Flair,

Find your light

You don’t have to search for the light— author and spiritual leader John Davis argues that the light of the world is within you. Learn how to let your light shine so you can share it with the world when he visits the Unity of Toledo Spiritual Center to discuss his new book, Be the

Valentine’s Day Events To Fall In Love With

The divisive day descends upon us once again. Whether you love it or hate it, you just can’t avoid the fact: Valentine’s Day is here. And each year, it grows. Grocery stores appear occupied by Cupid himself- cluttered with red and pink hearts, oversized teddy bears, and mounds of chocolate-filled boxes. It can feel overwhelming,

A Book Club of Her Own

In 2017, the Toledo Lucas County Public Library (TLCPL) partnered with the Steinem Sisters Collective, a group named in honor of Toledo native and trailblazing feminist Gloria Steinem, to facilitate learning and discussion.

Bully for Basquiat

On Monday, October 4, 1982, the father of pop art Andy Warhol wrote the following excerpt in his diary: “(He) brought Jean-Michel Basquiat with him. He’s the kid who used the name ‘Samo’ when he used to sit on the sidewalk in Greenwich Village and paint T-shirts, and I’d give him $10 here and there and

ADAI Puppy Programs

ADAI (Assistance Dogs for Achieving Independence) is part of The Ability Center’s work for people with disabilities. If this is a cause that is dear to your heart, and you love puppies (who doesn’t?), now is your chance to get involved. ADAI just got another round of adorable new puppies that need to be socialized. The

10 More Of Our Favorite Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes

There’s nothing we can say that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has not said himself. To celebrate his life, honor his legacy, and move forward with his spirit, here are 10 more of our favorite MLK quotes: 1) “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of